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Name: Joshua 'The Triumvirate' Dsiorpov.
- His fellow Artists refer to him as Josh.

Age: 22

Nationality: Filipino-Spanish-Chinese

- An Asian-looking young man with lightly-tanned skin, dark brown eyes, black hair, medium build. Fond of dark, casual or semi-casual clothing but is quite at home in suits and a good trench coat as well. Always seen carrying a black laptop bag that he uses to store his books and devices. Wears a silver watch on his left arm and has a pair of black-framed glasses that he takes off when initiating his Grim Art. His eyes get lazy at different intervals, and he will shut one of them when it gets tired.

- Not much is known about Josh other than the fact that he hails from the Dsiorpov family, one of the three most prominent lineages in the Grim Renaissance. Within the Lesser Grim Renaissance, which is the remnant that stayed on this Level of Existence, the only thing known about Josh is that he is currently undergoing training in 3-D Animation and that he had agreed to being recruited by Vidan because he had nothing else better to do. As he is a Dsiorpov, Josh has what is called the Triple Wing Phenomenon, which is a common trait within his family and two others, that heavily impacts a Grim Artist's capabilities and characteristics.

- Changes at depending on the situation. A complex person; not exactly bipolar, more like a moderately sane, stable tripolar. Within moments, he can go from lazy and fun-loving, to dark and malicious, to calculating and indifferent. Tends to be sociable and goofy around friends, reserved and withdrawn when alone or with both friends and enemies, but adopts a more hostile and malevolent stance when running with a crowd that he doesn't like.
- His three 'multiple personalities' manifest as Michael Domination, Azrael Domination and Rafael Domination; good, evil and neutral (the Blue Wing, the Red Wing and the Green Wing of his Triple Wing Phenomenon) in that order. Personality Combination can occur easily.

Grim Artist Class: Dilettante; much more powerful than an Apprentice. Can exhibit more advanced Grim Techniques and has refined the basics ones to the point where they can be used for more complex and potent moves. Is outclassed by a Savant Class Artist and definitely no match for a Virtuoso Class Artist.

Grim Art Type:
- Extremely rare among Grim Artists but quite common among the Dsiorpov, von Dominus and Leon Gogh Family Guilds. Due to a special anomaly called the Three Wings Phenomenon, also known as the Triple Wing Phenomenon, he has all three types: Blood Art, Soul Art and Fate Art. In Josh's case, which one he uses at any given moment is dependent on which personality of his is Dominant. He can try to govern which one he wants to use, but isn't successful all the time.

Grim Aesthetic/s:
- Multi-talent Artist and adept Generalist. Individuals with the Triple Wing Phenomenon are by default good at three groups of three Aesthetics each. Josh primarily specializes in Drawing, Writing and Painting Aesthetics; these are the skills he uses about seventy percent of the time. Secondary Aesthetics are Cooking, Music and Imagination. Tertiary Aesthetics are Combat, Landscaping and Crafts.
- Josh does dabble in other Aesthetics from time to time.

Grim Device/s:
- Renaissance: Josh's iMac. His computer and pen-tablet (see below) are enigmas. Josh has never been seen using them, but there are rumors that they are his most powerful tools when combined with the rest of his abilities. These tools are quite common in the Renaissance, but Josh has a 'special' connection to his not found in most Grim Artists.
- Domination: Computer Pen and Tablet. Has been speculated to function just like any regular Grim Pen and Tablet Combo, which aren't too uncommon within the Renaissance. Artists who wield them have been reputed to merge their Grim Tablet into the realm around them so they can use the Tablet's Pen in conjunction with Computer Program Techniques to great effect.
- Tres Alas (Latin for Three Wings): Sketchbook/Notebook. Known for shifting into multiple forms. The Wings it refers to are Azrael, Michael and Rafael: the Crimson Wing, the Azure Wing and the Verdant Wing of Joshua Dsiorpov. Using those Digital Primary colors, Josh can create combos that unleash a specialized bunch of abilities. Each form is named after colored stones. For example, by relying solely on the Red of Azrael, Josh can turn Tres Alas into the Ruby Book and unleash a variety of Fire-based and Offensive Area-Damaging summons, moves, effects and constructs from its pages. He can combine Red and Green to form Yellow (The Amber Book), all three Wings to form White (The Marble Book), or negate them to form Black (The Onyx Book). He has even been known to use the Black and White as additions or subtractions for colors, turning Orange into Brown or Purple into Lavender.
- Ars Lucinus: Mechanical Pencil. A versatile and dexterous tool. It can be used to draw and write, where most Grim Artists usually use their traditional pencils to draw, and their ink pens to write. By loading the correct kind of lead, Josh can also use elemental colors with Ars Lucinus but its blasts are thinner and more concentrated. An expensive Gift from a powerful uncle, this Grim Device is largely immune to attacks and effects, and it also allows Josh to perform certain Aesthetic Collaborations, like Drawing-Writing, Painting-Drawing, or even Painting-Writing, with more ease than if he had been using multiple Devices at once, switching at will between his three primary Aesthetics in the blink of an eye.
- Ars Tenebris: Kneaded Eraser. A peculiar and dangerous Grim Device. Erasers are common tools for Sketchers within the Grim Renaissance, and one that can manipulate its form is no exception. Ars Tenebris, like all Kneaded Erasers, can expand, shape-shift and even manipulate its substance while retaining the ability to erase whatever it contacts with, material or abstract, Grim or non-Grim. Interestingly enough, Ars Tenebris possess a Rare ability which allows it to 'Erase' a Grim Artist's Prerogative from their selves or their Art. Since Prerogative is usually generated by Artists continually, this effect is temporary and doesn't last very long, but it's usefulness is undeniable.
- Sheila: Barbecue Grill. Not intended for battlefield use. Instead, Josh cooks up all sorts of tasty dishes on it that, when consumed, bestow regenerative and energy boosts.

As an Artist:
- Josh is very much an unknown in the Grim Renaissance, and the Artistic Society in general, despite his prestigious Lineage. Fact is, all the attention seems to be focused on his relatives. Cousins, aunts and uncles have left Josh far behind, coughing in the dust stirred up as they blazed onward upon their paths to success, leaving little to no time in the spotlight for himself. it doesn't help that he hails from the Eastern Branch of the Dsiorpov Family, which is considered the least out of all the Dsiorpov.
- Art-wise, Josh places emphasis on originality, as well as storyline and character creation and development. He tends to get carried away with how powerful he makes his creations, and he struggles to make them as diverse and memorable as he can. In honesty, all he really wants to do is sit in front of his computer or notebook and lose himself within his realm, wishing that the world and reality would just leave him alone when he wanted it to. While brimming with new ideas, he is slow to finish pieces, which wouldn't bother him if time was of no importance. He wishes that he can one day he can be counted as a popular and elite Artist. At the moment, he attempts to bury this deep longing within. But hiding it does not make it go away, and this leads to a tainted side of him just beneath his amicable exterior. If allowed, the feelings of envy and jealousy fester slowly. With his slothful, procrastinating side this creates a vicious cycle: he does not feel motivated to work because of his unpopularity and he is unpopular because he does not feel motivated to work. Like a gas leak, this inner conflict builds until a spark sets it off. Then, that is when Azrael is at his strongest. Subsequently, this is also when the metaphorical fecal matter hits the fan with the force of a speeding Lamborghini.
- Is extremely possessive of his Original Ideas. While he knows that in a Realm as vast as the Renaissance, Originality is 'possible', and 'impossible', and 'dependent on circumstance' at the same time, he has a good eye for when his works have been imitated. See, while 'Generalized Originality' is dead in Renaissance Forgewater, 'Specific Originality' is alive and well. Cosmic Beings are not an original thing, but the kind of Cosmics (or any other variants of Higher Entities) can be. Infringements upon his work are the last things capable of impressing him, especially by Artists too incompetent to see that riding on the Triumvirate's coattails will do percisely zilch in the long run. He doesn't care if it was not meant to be malicious or a theft; anything so much as hinting an unauthorized reference to his Artwork is treated as a bastardization of his craft, both by him and his Prerogative. Even using fragments of his Artworks will trigger a response from his Prerogative, rendering the product of the infringement as something he can put to good use.
- As he was once heard saying, "They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I'd rather be spurned by Legends than flattered by Leeches."

As a Grim Artist:
- The speed at which Josh is provoked depends on who he's with at the moment. For example, friendly sparring yields almost no genuine hostility from him, but a highly unfavorable situation can cause him to overreact. Like his status as an Artist, Josh is quite talented but not remarkable. And like his personalities, he has three different ways of fighting; all of them are quite broad as he doesn't specialize in one Aesthetic. It is when he focuses on a particular method, style or set of Grim Techniques does he become a much harder opponent to deal with. However, the bulk of his power is usually unleashed through the Manifestations of his three personalities as Grim Characters. When Summoned at their best, Michael, Azrael and Rafael are reputed to be as potent as well-trained Virtuosos, and all three working together can easily hold their own against Genius Class Artists. The problem is that they're next to impossible to Summon when Josh is by himself, meaning the most he can do is allow them to 'empower' him indirectly.
- If Michael is 'Dominant' Josh takes on a very defensive style, where his Devices are used to create all sorts of protective, evasive, trickery-oriented or even healing-based summons, moves, effects and constructs. From barriers to illusions, Josh is at his most pacifistic here, to the point where his distaste for battle can be counted as cowardice. In this mode, he tries to keep his distance from any conflict.
- If Rafael is 'Dominant', Josh opts for a more neutral style involving control, manipulation and an impartial mix of attack and defense summons, moves, effects and constructs. From controlling the statuses of his opponents, manipulation of environments, to even facts/laws-targeting abilities, Josh is at his most balanced here, to the point where his calculations give him an almost dull, robotic flair.
- If Azrael is 'Dominant', Josh utilizes his third style: dedicated offensive, where he devotes himself to nothing but the utter destruction of his opponent. Summons, moves, effects and constructs are almost all attack, disabling, or even trap-oriented. Josh is at his most aggressive here, but he doesn't enter an uncontrolled 'berserker' state of rage; he takes on the mantle of a well-bred, psychopathic killer.

Art Costs:
- As mentioned earlier, his costs depend on the whims of his Art and which part of him is Dominant. Because he has the 'Triple Wing Phenomenon' there may or may not be different costs for each Aesthetic he specializes in. Note that all his costs are cumulative – if he uses his Drawing Aesthetics and then his Writing Aesthetics, separate costs are exacted based on each one he used and turned in one hefty bill.
- When Michael is 'Dominant', then Josh's Grim Art will exact Soul-Art Costs on him, damaging his psyche. Most of the time, the costs are memory, insomnia and sanity-oriented. Extreme cases can have him so forgetful that he doesn't even remember what his opponent did, or what he wanted to do, just moments ago.
- When Rafael is 'Dominant', his Grim Art will function like a Fate Art, damaging his existence. Most of the time, the costs are fortune, lifespan and past-oriented. Extreme cases can have him so down on his luck that something bad randomly happens to him, and occasionally to his allies, almost every second that passes by.
- When Azrael is 'Dominant', his costs are that of a Blood-Art, damaging his body. Most of the time, the costs are laceration, sickness and physiology-oriented. Extreme cases can have him so battered that he quickly succumbs to heart-problems, serious gashes, crippling fatigue, and even alarmingly-high fevers.
- Like all Grim Artists, when outside the Grim Renaissance, or engaging anything non-Grim, Josh's costs are pretty much nonexistent.
- Similar to the way they affect his personality, Josh's Winged Dominants are able to change their Expense Types at a whim. Michael can charge Blood Art Costs as easily as Azrael can. Payments can even intermingle before they are totaled up into one rather costly bill. This ebb and flow of stability and instability, predictability and unpredictability, can take its toll on Josh no matter how cautiously he goes about choosing which Techniques to use.

Favored Moves: In battle, Josh has been known to rely on an extremely large number of abilities and moves, only several of which have been formally documented:

Drawing-Writing-Painting-Prerogative Aesthetics Collaboration, Single Wing Domination: Unveils one of his Three Wings to empower him. Michael takes the form of an Azure Bird Wing, Azrael takes the form of a Crimson Bat Wing, and Rafael takes the form of Verdant Butterfly Wings. When a wing is unveiled, Josh takes on the formal personality trait and ability list of the selected Wing. He can detach the Wing to officially summon Rafael Domination, Azrael Domination or Michael Domination. Variants of this Technique are Double Wing Domination, and Triple Wing Domination. The effects of each wing vary, but a vast increase in power is what they bestow in common.
- In the event that a Wing is 'detached', the personality Summoned has free reign over itself. Rafael, Michael or Azrael do not need Josh's command or permission to do anything, and the costs of their Techniques can be exacted on themselves or their Maker. Getting them to work together is usually a nightmare.
- None of the Winged Dominations, as Josh calls them, haven't been seen in action in this Renaissance as of yet. But it is reputed by those who have seen them in the neighboring Renaissance that each one of Josh's Three Wings have immense skill and power. There are also rumors of those three being able to use something no other Grim Creation or Grim Character can: their very own Grim Artist's Prerogative which renders them akin to an actual Grim Artist, even though they are technically figments of Josh's Imagination and are subject to him. Josh has made no effort to deny these claims, which would make his 'Winged Dominations' absolutely unique in the Renaissance. But as powerful as they are, Josh loathes using them, for expense, pride and control reasons. There is also a rumor that the Three Wings of the Triumvirate may not be on very good terms with him. Either way, fully summoning Azrael, Michael or Rafael is his very last resort. That is, if Josh can even convince them to appear.
- An even bigger weakness of this Technique is the amount of time, preparation and resources needed to activate it. A Single Wing can be unleashed most of the time. Double Wings are a rarity. Triple Wings are next to impossible to call upon in the heat of battle. This Technique can be triggered though other means like trauma, rage, or Josh's Winged Dominants usurping control, but those instances often do as much harm as good, and at that point it's impossible for him to decide what the aftermath might be.
- Based purely on skill, Josh has only ever called upon all Three Wings twice. He always needs heavy back up when trying to successfully manifest more than a Single Wing at a time. One of the instances where he did so by himself was within another Grim Artist's Outer Legacy, which is the manifestation of an Artist's Inner Renaissance, which in turn is one's personal domain where all Imagination can freely be used; an Outer Legacy is simply a Grim Artist deciding to materialize his/her work separate from the Grim Renaissance. The other time was against a long-time nemesis, in a fight to the death. On the former occasion, there were no side effects, since an Outer Legacy does not directly exist within the Renaissance; the Technique even took on an appearance different to what it usually looked like. But on the latter occasion, the strain nearly killed Josh, and he had to spend weeks in intensive care before he could fully recover.

Drawing-Writing-Painting-Crafts Aesthetics Collaboration, Tres Alas Gemstone Supremacy: A method that is becoming more and more common within the Grim Renaissance. It is one that imbues his sketchbook with a specific style using colored stones to represent what he has in mind. Different artists have different takes on which colors represent which. Some feel that White should be lightning, some say that Lime should represent Wind, and so on. Josh's color palette isn't too complicated, but it is vast; he hasn't even thought up names or functions for all the shades and hues he can produce.
- Josh's Gemstone Supremacy is special in that he can hand control of his book to either Azrael, Michael or Rafael, sometimes even allowing them to share one or multiple copies of Tres Alas. That action of allowing one's creations to use Grim Devices is extremely rare, due to Prerogative issues, and it is said that Josh's Winged Dominations can use Tres Alas monumentally better than he ever could hope to.
- One of the modes that Tres Alas can engage is the Black Onyx Book for Darkness-based and Disabling-oriented summons, moves, effects and constructs.
- Another one is the White Marble Book for Light-based + Augmenting-oriented summons, moves, effects and constructs.
- If he is in the mood, Josh goes for the Grey Hematite Book for Metal-based, Offensive-fortification summons, moves, effects and constructs.

Drawing-Painting Aesthetics Collaboration, Renaissance Tokens: A cross between the non-Elemental Logos most Sketchers would use and the purely-Elemental Marks most Painters wield. A Renaissance Token is a very common Technique, and it basically invokes a complex result through a simple means. Instead of having to draw a volcano in detail, one can use the symbol of a volcano to unleash a real one. Josh himself is an avid user of Renaissance Tokens, and is fond of spamming them at the start of a duel, mostly to gauge his opponents or set them up for a more potent blow.
- Not everyone is suited to use Renaissance Tokens. One's Grim Art may or may not be compatible for squeezing a 'larger effect' into a 'smaller cause'. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who find the creation and usage of Renaissance Tokens as their only viable option.
- Because Renaissance Tokens are 'quick and easy' shortcuts, sometimes paid for in advance, they lack the impact and might of a fully-formed Technique. Again, there are exceptions, but for the most part Renaissance Tokens don't usually form the backbone of one's fighting style.
- Josh has been rumored to favor these Renaissance Tokens: Sign of the Twin Dragon-Wolves, Sign of the Twin Griffin-Wolves, Sign of the Twin Faerie-Wolves, Sign of the Skull's Blockade, Sign of the Ion Cannon, Sign of the Gun-Winged Archangel, Sign of the Gun-Winged Seraphim, Sign of the Scythe-Ringed Wolf Head, Sign of the Shark-Ringed Wolf Head, Sign of the Razor Pendulum, Sign of the Knights Templar, Sign of the Lion's Claw, Sign of the Gemini Brigade, Sign of the Imploding Totem, Sign of the Inverted Carousel Mirrors, Sign of Azrael's Fortress, Sign of Michael's Palace, Sign of Rafael's Castle.

Drawing Aesthetics, Paper-Gash Doorway: A common method that Artists use to call forth their characters. This involves quickly drawing someone or something into paper and then flicking the sheet in a particular direction. The paper will burst into a streak of plasma and energy that tears a gash into the fabric of reality or any given surface, out of which the summoned character steps out of. Josh likes using variants of this Technique, where he summons characters that he has already paid for earlier.
- Note that it is possible for talented Grim Artists to disrupt this kind of summon by destroying the sheet before it tears open a complete rift.
- Outside the Renaissance, the rift itself can be used as a weapon, able to tear into the most resilient defense and entity.

Drawing Aesthetics, Quick Sketch: A common method specific to this Aesthetic. It allows a Grim Artist to rapidly churn out a summon. Speed can range from seconds to near-instantly.
- The cost for Josh depends on how much lines he uses to finish a sketch.

Drawing Aesthetics, Classical Animation Aesthetics: Also called 2-D Animation. The Artist draws multiple frames of a certain character or item and activates the animation. The summoned creation will then perform whatever actions the Grim Artist had drawn, be it smashing the ground to rupture the terrain around it or leaping into the sky to shoot targets below. The difference between simply drawing a character and ordering it to smash the ground and animating a character to do so is significant. While the former is dependent on the character, the latter is dependent on the artist.
- Even if it costs more, the Animation is a lot harder to stop. Like with a Grim Movie, the only thing opponents can do – unless they have skills in this Aesthetic as well – is avoid the animation altogether, or watch as it totally wrecks them.
- The more frames he has to animate, the heavier the cost is on the Josh.

Animation Aesthetics, Instant Replay: A common Technique, and a very simple one to grasp. The Artist duplicates and unleashes an animation without having to draw it all over again.
- In Josh's case, the cost for replays is a bit less than the original animation.
- Is easier to pull off with 3-D Animation.

Drawing-Movie Aesthetics Collaboration, Momentum ex Machina Aesthetics: Roughly translated as 'Movement out of the Machine' from Latin. More commonly known as 3-D Animation. One or more computer-type Grim Devices are required to perform this Grim Art, as well as software, applications and any required tools. While the computer can provide additional power or features, Crafting Aesthetics aren't directly involved in the Aesthetics Collaboration. Note that while scores upon scores of 3-D Artists prefer working in the comfort of a studio, they can bond with their machines to take this Aesthetics out on the battlefield, where they can treat their surroundings like one large computer screen, complete with an HUD, or Heads-Up Display. Any tools or functions, like editing or saving work, can be applied.
- This Grim Art is nearly identical in terms of purpose and mechanics to 2-D/Classical Animation. A key difference is that a 3-D Character with functioning body controllers needs to be provided; not all Grim Animators can create one through Grim Software. Then, instead of having to draw the Character over and over again in different poses, its body controllers are manipulated to simulate movement. It is these movements that are recorded as Animations. Once a certain frame quota is attained, the Animation is activated, and the Character is unleashed.
- This Aesthetic has its own list of pros and cons versus its Classical counterpart. First is the fact that even if 3-D Animations are so much more controllable, and mistakes are easily undone, the activation process takes a lot longer. Plenty of time is needed to 'Render' the 3-D Animation. Secondly, more equipment is required, and Grim Devices in the form of computers and pen-tablets can be costlier to purchase, however not necessarily to operate.
- Josh has found himself making a transfer from Classical to Computer Animation. And as technological Grim Devices improve within the Grim Renaissance, or at least within the particular Realm that Josh comes from, Computer Animation finds itself beginning to overpower its parent.

Computer Animation Aesthetics, Gimbal Lock: Not so much a common Technique as a mistake that occurs in 3-D animation. A Gimbal Lock is a flaw either by the animator or the program that causes a 3-D Character's limb controls, which can rotate in all three axes, to move into an awkward position where it can only rotate on two axes. This causes all sorts of unexpected movements when the Character animates, and it looks awful. Regardless, many Grim Artists (including Josh) are not above using Gimbal Locks as weapons, allowing their summons to perform weird, unpredictable moves that can confuse an enemy.
- Forcing a character to animate even with a Gimbal Lock is quite expensive, as it defies normal Animation procedures.

Writing Aesthetics, Grim Dictation: A Technique that is mandatory for this Aesthetic. It allows a Grim Artist to write out whatever he or she wants. Then, whatever is written will happen without fail, unless the proper defenses are in play.
- This Grim Aesthetic is most effective when used against non-Grim Combatants. It can be defined as above the epitome of beyond omnipotence. Many have tried or dismiss Grim Dictation as something that does not work on them, and each one has had their arrogance crushed by Grim Artist they had challenged. Conflicts have even been ended before they began, since some Grim Authors prefer writing in past tense. Against other Grim Artists, however, Dictation is a little more difficult to pull off as they are under the protection of their own Prerogative. There are also tons of Counter-Techniques that can defend against Writing Aesthetics. Instances exist where Legendary Class Artists have manipulated their colleagues with a single word, but this is the exception rather than the rule.
- In Josh's case, he has to be careful about detail, font and punctuation. The cost of his Writing depends on how many words he has to write out, which is a bother because he likes to write a lot.

Renaissance-Prerogative Aesthetics Collaboration, Letzte Anzeigen: This is Rare Technique is an extreme taboo that goes by many names like Sarili-Ubos Na Obra Maestra, Dernier Chef-d'œuvre, Ultima Perficientur, Jiko Shohi No Kessaku, and The Self-Obliterating Supreme Achievement. Josh personally prefers to use its German etymology. Once activated, a Letzte Anzeigen causes a Grim Artist to overload all his/her abilities at once, forcing his/her Grim Art to utterly consume him/herself in exchange for a brief but ridiculously immense burst of power. Even an Apprentice Class Grim Artist becomes a threat to Genius Class Artists when activating a Letzte Anzeigen. Individuals with the Triple Wing Phenomenon are especially potent when it comes to this Technique, but also especially vulnerable because their Art will annihilate them on a Physical, Mental and Cosmic scale, leaving a horrifying (and almost not worth it) mess as an aftermath.
- Josh has considered using his many times, but Rafael, Michael and Azrael have persuaded him not to do so on every instance. While Josh does not fear the afterlife, his Winged Dominations would much rather hang onto the Renaissance for as long as they can.
- Note that Grim Artists are not subject to regular Death and Destiny like everyone else. While it is unknown what actually claims their lives at the end of their lifespan, it is a firm belief that by 'dying' a Grim Artist simply 'comes to the end of an old chapter and begins a new one elsewhere', and this is a theory that any has yet to disprove.

- Loves Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Italian and Filipino cuisine. Makes a mean grilled salmon fillet, which so happens to be able to cure mild wounds inflicted by Grim Arts.
- Plays way too much MOBA's, but keeps sucking at it.
- Josh absolutely hates being interrupted when he's speaking. He never shows it, though.
- Is terrified of skunks.
- Even since the birth of his baby brother, Josh has gained a soft spot for children, even the ones who sense this and take advantage of it. His nephew, for example, may still be a baby, but the little guy has his uncle tightly wrapped around his little finger.
- To his chagrin, said baby brother is now much taller and tougher than he is, even when 8 years younger than him, and also possesses a reputation for being a fearsome Music, Drawing, Combat and Gaming-style Savant Class Grim Artist.
- Josh is terrible with animals; every one he's ever claimed to be a pet has died horrible, horrible deaths.
- Incapable of riding a bike, driving, skating or arriving anywhere on time.
- Hates the sun even more than he hates being interrupted. He is at home in rain, thunderstorm or snow, much to the irk of his summer-loving friends. This is a personal preference not tied to his Three Wings Phenomenon, and as such his Winged Dominants have no influence over it.
- Once told an opponent: "I find your infatuation with Cosmic Entities and various other Higher Beings, supposedly superior to us of the Renaissance, rather self-contradictory. You claim they are the ultimate of all, yet the fact that you and I effortlessly create, manipulate, and obliterate multitude infinities of them, and things unimaginably stronger, dictates otherwise. With your left hand you attempt to show that something is in all ways better than us, or that our capabilities are ruled, absorbed, defied, nullified, outdone, or mimicked by it. But then, with your right hand you create that very something, only for me to outdo it with a thought. So, go ahead; the stronger you make your work, the stronger you show us to be. That your entire career involuntarily proves that our slightest whims are what stand between all things non-Renaissance and the proverbial trash can, not the other way around, is most amusing."


A Glance at the Renaissance: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
The Grim Aesthetics of Renaissance 'Forgewater': rafael-domination.deviantart.c…

Main Roster 01: YOU ARE HERE
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