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August 29, 2011
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Name: Brandon 'The Dreamer' Benevides.
- Also called Brand, or Benny.

Age: 18

Nationality: Azorean Portuguese (Possible French mix)

- A short, strange young man who looks at people with the darkness shown in his black eyes. Often displays a smirk. Has a buzz cut of dark brown, slightly red hair covered with his black fedora. Usually dresses in dark clothes such as a black button up shirt and navy blue pants and black leather shoes. Sometimes gives off a confident hawk-eye stare along with his smile whenever someone looks at him. He is hardly seen outside, which explains his pale skin.

- Brandon has a history of no trouble and hardships in his life, and cannot ask for more, even as an orphan. But Brandon is a complex person, as he is an all-around guy. He believes in destiny, fate, and dreams very strongly, and would fight for these beliefs who ever try to prove him wrong. Ever since he got into doing fractal and flame art, and started to do rather well, Vidan found him and got him involved in the Lesser Grim Renaissance. How the process went is currently unknown.

- Brandon is a hard character to make out, as he is usually a good, casual type of person, but he could also take on a serious or goofy attitude. His personality can change in drastic situations that carry consequences, like ending up dead, which causes him to fight with his full strength, and that could have surprising results
- He prefers to do what he likes and have no one boss him around, unless threatened of course.
- He appears to be absent-minded, as he does not pay attention to things that don’t concern him in any way, but this may just attune to his carefree nature.

Grim Artist Class: Apprentice; the starting tier for any Grim Artist. Has a beginner's grasp of the basic Techniques, is new to the concept of Grim Art Aesthetics, and must refine self and skill through education and training to advance. Is outclassed by a Dilettante Class Artist and definitely no match for a Savant Class Artist.
- He is a High-Rank Apprentice, meaning that he is ready to graduate into the Dilettante Class. This hints at Brandon's natural talent; he has blasted past the Apprentice stage of his career, much to the envy of Dilettantes like Josh who need a lot of effort and a long time to get to where they are now.

Grim Art Type:
- Brandon remains a Soul artist primarily, and nothing else. His mental existence will be jeopardized in exchange for his Art's own.

Grim Aesthetic/s:
- Overall, Brandon is a strong Artist, and he uses Painting and Renaissance Aesthetics respectively as proof of it; he is able to fight with powerful attacks he can simply come up with on the spot. He is inexperienced though, as he can only use one or the other in a fight, and using both Aesthetics at once can tire him out quickly.

Grim Device/s:
- Brandon uses a meter long paintbrush he made himself called The Myth. It is a black-colored paintbrush with white bristles. Though nothing out of the ordinary, Brandon believes it is, because of his old family genealogy, which revealed a relative of Brandon from long ago, who made and used his own brushes. The Myth is special in that Brandon based his own brush off the design of his aforementioned relative: carved dark Oakwood and horse hair for bristles.

As an Artist:
- Being a recent Grim Artist, Brandon’s standing on where he is unknown. Brandon does art because at first it was simply just out of boredom, but then his imagination exploded and he became more and more into making surreal images. Brandon believes that this will make him famous one day and be known by many people, and the only way he knows how to do that is to make more and more art. When Brandon does his work as an artist, he just lets his imagination be his inspiration, as well as his judgment, if he should reveal a piece or not.

As a Grim Artist:
- Brandon is one who lets his mind do the talking. His style of fighting usually depends on the situation at hand, what he forges using his imagination, and whether if he should go easy, or give it his all. In all cases, he focuses on what he should bring in to the fight, and he brings in the first thing that comes to mind: mostly fantasy or surreal concepts. Brandon may act ‘reckless’, and in rare cases ‘insane’, when spending time in battle too long as a result from his Soul Art.
- So far, Brandon has found nobody to share his art with, i.e. a person who carries the same interests as him, making him a one-man show, at least right now.

Art Costs:
- It is currently unknown what specific costs are inflicted on his psyche by his Grim Art, making expenses tricky to use against him. However, it has been observed as of recently that they are sanity-oriented, and that his Grim Art slowly causes him to turn into a sociopath.
- Whenever Brandon faces off fellow Grim Artist stronger than him, he carries the guts to face them, despite being weaker. When facing non-Grim artists, he uses the fewest costs on his abilities as much as he can, knowing that he already is invincible against them, but there is the slightest risk that he might go overboard.

Favored Moves: Still a recent Grim Artist, Brandon has few abilities, but became a fast learner by having a collection of moves in different categories. Only five are shown here:

Renaissance-Prerogative-Painting Aesthetics Collaboration, Grim Modification: By using his brush, Brandon can twist and tweak any kind of shape and space in existence, as well as change the color and placement. For example, distorting the air would make a certain spot look blurry. A Rare move.
- This in a Dilettante Class Technique, and further proof that Brandon is ready to leave the Apprentice Class behind.
- Note that Prerogatives apply to their respective Aesthetics. Crafts Artists still exert more control over their contraptions, allowing granting them resistances or immunity to being easily manipulated by non-Crafts Artists and/or Techniques.

Renaissance-Painting Aesthetics Collaboration, Fabric Tear: A rare move Brandon invented when training. When using this Technique, his brush glows and he paints a certain image in the air or on the ground, and attunes it to reality. Basically with this, he could make anything he wants, for example: a pitfall, a falling rock, etc.
- Not to be confused with various Drawing Techniques. This is a painting Technique that can draw things, but Drawing Aesthetics is still more efficient and effective when it comes to such a task.
- The more powerful Brandon becomes, the more potent this Technique gets. It's hard to empower creations with Prerogative from such a generalist-type Technique, and as such Brandon cannot simply paint the picture of a legendary weapon and have it work the way he has envisioned it just like that.
- Outside the Renaissance, this Technique is omnipotent, for all sakes and purposes. If Brandon wished to create an entire pantheon of Higher Beings with Fabric Tear, then it will be so.

Renaissance-Painting Aesthetics Collaboration, New Worlds: Brandon uses this move to paint a line anywhere, then puts his hands in the line, and rips it open tearing the space into paint, and create a new world in it, be it an open plain, a canyon, or even outer space. It also functions as a portal to another place Brandon has been to. The painted world can be entered by simply going into the portal. It is unknown if Brandon's Art allows others to use his Rifts, or if it only allows him to come and go as he pleases.
- A rare move. Even when many other Rift-oriented moves exist, a Painted Rift is harder to come by than a Drawn or Written Rift.

Renaissance-Prerogative Aesthetics Collaboration, Technique-Aesthetic Camaraderie: Aesthetics Collaborations are not very common in the Renaissance, since it requires a certain level of proficiency in each one involved, otherwise the Collaboration will fail to be efficient. Twice as uncommon is a Collaboration between one or more Aesthetics and one or more existing Aesthetic Collaborations. Ditto for specialized Techniques, or list of, being further empowered, combined, fused or infused by/into other Techniques or Aesthetics. The list may go on, from Aesthetic-Technique Collaborations to Device-Product Collaborations.
- The products of these more advanced mixtures of Art can be quite potent, especially since their rarity and/or complex natures make them difficult to figure out, and consequently, counter.

Renaissance Aesthetics and 'New Worlds' Technique Camaraderie, Dreamer's Terrestrial Creation: This Grim Technique takes the Renaissance Aesthetics and uses it to empower and/or combine with a Renaissance-Painting Aesthetics Collaboration. Using pure imagination in conjunction with Brandon's ability to open rifts, this move combines that which Brandon dreams up with his New Worlds Technique. Basically, this allows Brandon to open a portal large enough to bring enemies in. If he succeeds in getting them to enter, they will find themselves trapped in a world where he controls everything and shapes it how he sees fit.
- For an Apprentice, this is a huge rarity. While many 'World-Manufacturing' or 'Pocket-Universe Creation' moves exist everywhere, this variant is Unique to Brandon in this particular Renaissance, which means that he more or less pioneered it. An Apprentice Class Grim Artist creating their own signature Technique is almost unheard of, and this is another hint as to just how much potential Brandon contains.
- An obvious weakness to this Technique is the fact that Brandon has to find a way to maneuver opponents into his Rifts. Skilled Artists could find ways to dodge, avoid or destroy the Rifts themselves. And just because someone does enter, it doesn't mean they are immediately helpless. Artists specializing in Prerogative Aesthetics are especially tricky to obliterate with this Technique. However, when teamwork in involved the potency of this Technique increased dramatically. The biggest weakness, however, is that these Worlds can be altered by Landscape Artists, whose Prerogative over any terrain is unmatched wherever they go, leaving Brandon with no permanent control when facing them.
- Note that this is an Apprentice Class Technique. One can only imagine what it will be like when Brandon becomes a Savant.

Dreamer's Terrestrial Creation, World of the Silver Sands: A Rift acting as the portal for this Technique will lead an opponent into an open desert of glowing white sand under a dark sky with no stars and moon. There are many hazards to watch out for here. Violent sandstorms happen at random. The very ground itself is a danger; it's incredibly easy to sink in the sand so people always have to keep moving. This does not affect Brandon. Unlike the more commonly-known deserts, where it is hot, the World of the Silver Sands is exceptionally cold, like the Arctic; it's nearly 25 degrees below zero. The merciless, frigid atmosphere can inflict a crippling effect on wielders of Combat Aesthetics, slowing and weakening them.
- Despite this world being a beautiful, hazardous refrigerator, there are pros that opponents can advantage of within it, and even Brandon must be wary of those. Attacks relating to the elements of Fire and Ice are twice as strong. The grains of sand are actually tiny rocks of frozen water, so they can be used as a source of fluids.
- Triple artists are immune to the cold temperatures, as Josh discovered when he had the misfortune of falling into a Rift during a sparring session. Even with this slight reprieve, it took the Dsiorpov great effort to escape; he found it quite terrifying that an Apprentice was able to give a Dilettante so much trouble.

Dreamer's Terrestrial Creation, World of the Windy Vale: A Rift acting as the portal for this Technique will lead an opponent into a valley-like fracture of the earth with a bottomless pit. True to its name, the Windy Vale is like a metropolis of hurricanes. Powerful gusts continuously blow throughout the place, sometimes strong enough to strip unguarded flesh from bone. There is no way to maintain balance on the valley walls itself, and almost no way to find a foothold on the jagged rocks, making Combat Aesthetics useless if one tries to engage from the ground. However, skilled Artists can ride the wind itself, just like a skateboarder or surfer, allowing use of Aerial and/or Acrobatic Combat Techniques.
- Perfume Aesthetics can be used to infuse the wind with an aroma, bringing some control of the wind the user. Brandon's dominion over the gusts will still be more dominant, however.

Painting Aesthetics, Fractal Art, Attack Modding: This is a common move which uses Brandon’s Elemental Paint to amplify an ally’s attack. This Technique can also be used defensively as it can debuff an opponent’s attack by using his paint. A common move.

Painting Aesthetics, Fractal Art, Fractal Mutation: More or less likely an attack that may have random effects. Brandon focuses on any form of matter around him, and coats it with his paint. After that, he is able to unleash a wide variety of effects, such as creating either an elemental creature from a certain matter under his control, turning flowing water into flowing lava or vice versa, turning raindrops into rocks, and so on. A Rare Technique that is especially easy for him to pull off.
- Note that Sculptors, Landscapers and Crafters can still exert Prerogative these paint-modified substances.

Renaissance-Prerogative-Writing-Perfume Aesthetics Collaboration, Ascension of Pride: A Rare Technique, one secretly learned and scarcely used by Brandon for it carries the most deadly of risks when used in battle. To initiate the Technique, he writes a sentence of strange glyphs of his own design, and then lets loose a roar so strong that the very ground and air shake out of control, and then Brandon's soul separates from his body.
- The soul is a shapeless entity of glowing smoke emanating from the fleshy prison it once lived in, and with The Myth in its control, in can take shape of characters that Brandon has created in his secret writings and the other techniques of Brandon that he uses in battle become much twice as strong. It is basically his current trump card. The Specter itself has deep symbolism concerning Brandon. It is the manifestation of his pride and imaginative strength. It is for all sakes an purposes, the 'God' of his Creative Domain, which is an Artist's Imaginary Realm.
- Such a powerful Technique does not come free of charge. There is a 9 in 10 chance of death for Brandon if he manages to release the Spectre. In another scenario, without a vessel for the spirit to retreat into, the Technique could be used in vain, and Brandon’s soul would evaporate and cease to exist with no chance of peace and rest. And even if this Technique is a success, a high amount of expenses will come into effect, sometimes eating at his mind until Brandon has become a hard-core psychotic.
- Why Brandon would try to experiment with, much less try to perfect, such a ridiculous Technique is beyond anyone. Not to mention that this is a case of an Apprentice trying to learn a Savant Class Technique, and while it has been done in the past such a thing is a massive exception to the rule. His attempt to force his soul to transcend past normal power levels is thought to be by Josh as worrisome proof that his friend might indeed insane regardless of him using his Grim Artist Abilities or not.
- According to secret diaries that Brandon wrote, it is shared that he is emotionally fragile, and by hearing what people say about the hard work and time he went through (some blatantly cruel) forces him to cover up his sadness with a fake smile, making Brandon carry two personalities, one he uses and one he hides. But as Josh knows only too well, that does not make the hurt go away. And what's worse, Josh fears that if Brandon continues down this path, he might just wind up learning the Letzte Anzeigen...and using it.

- Really loves chocolate
- People regard him as crazy for believing in dreams as a result from his Soul Art, but he hardly seems to care
- He feels more at peace when he is alone
- He carries a lot of potential, but never seems to control his own might.
- Rumor has it that he has developed some skill in writing
- He thinks the Grim Artist Class System is really stupid, as he would prefer to fight whoever he wants just because he is bored, regardless of rank
- He is also a Christian, as he wears a wooden cross under his shirt.


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