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October 6, 2011
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Name: Allen 'Unanimusa' Pryor
- Nicknames: Al, for short. Also called Lazyboy, Drama King, Foxy, Perfect Hair Forever, Brother Allen, Psychic Kid. People usually call him by the craziest thing he's done in the time they've known him, and he does a lot.

Age: 21

Nationality: Mix, White/Native American – probably Cheroke/Dakota.
- Allen tends to refer to his self as a mutt just for kicks.

- 6-foot 2-inches.
- Olive to white skin tone. Olive-shaped blue eyes, with a slight hint of green. Strongly defined facial features. Super skinny, more than he should be, and just the start of some muscles; lean to be more exact.
- Allen's has Dark blue hair that he normally likes to keep long and very clean, although on occasion he shows up with extreme bed-head.
- Loves tube-socks, cargo pants (lots of pockets), and a t-shirt normally. But if and when he can he wears something super crazy, as long as it thematically fits together, he likes to pretend it's Halloween all year around. He also occasionally wear a fox tail and ears although it's not one of his best ideas.
- He wears a lab-coat that constantly absorbs the paint he's using when he's working.

- Allen is mostly an open book, but his misadventures are so numerous he doesn't remember a lot of them, and it can come back to bother him from time to time. He grew up autistic, and as a kid had extreme nightmares that caused him to feel alienated from other youngsters, and he becomes over-emotional. After numerous treatment attempts involving horrible medications with horrible side effects, Allen eventually learned to self-treat his problems through intense mind-play and reconstruction, by analyzing the cause, effect, and thought processes of others and his own. He learned to reinvent his own psyche and continually better it. Eventually he got off the medication, and became too social for even his own good, as apposed to a previous life of reclusion. With a new outlook on life, he became more light-oriented, although he now knows both worlds exceedingly well: the world of dark mourning and the world of lighthearted celebration. He wields them like tools in his work, and they are at his full disposal.

- Mostly summarized in the background. He is super analytical, energetic, dramatic, but at a fault deeply emotional, and he doesn't like to show it. Besides that he has OCD, reads a lot, and doesn't like to use the sidewalk. He free-runs to keep active. He has a bad habit of refusing favors, and won't take a glass of water or use the restroom at anywhere he isn't living, which means he doesn't like to go to parties all that often, although he does enjoy them. Most importantly, as a blessing and a curse, he has a dislike for anything pertaining to the words 'hopeless case' which can drive him to either achieve amazing things, or struggle to the bitter end with something he needs to let go of.

Grim Artist Class: Savant; much more powerful than a Dilettante. Can exhibit highly advanced Grim Techniques and has refined the basic and intermediate ones to the point where they can be used for more complex and potent moves, some of them experimental. Is outclassed by a Virtuoso Class Grim Artist and definitely no match for a Genius Class Grim Artist.

Grim Art Type:
- Soul artist. His art will inflict costs on his mental self.

Grim Aesthetic/s:
- Allen plays around with all the aesthetics, taboo or otherwise, on an experimental level, but he remains attached to the Drawing Aesthetics first and foremost and the Painting Aesthetics second. He has a certain level of Theatrical and Musical Aesthetics involved in his self-treatment, but not so much on an outward basis; they remain merely therapeutic. He dreams of dabbling in Animation and Craft aesthetics, but has not had any luck with either, and they are often considered (amongst other things) as distractions from his best work, by his colleagues, although he uses his knowledge in each field to meditate on when returning to drawing and painting.

Grim Device/s:
- Allen's grim devices include a large foot large foxtail paintbrush named Friedrich, and a large pencil named Honi. He keeps both of these in his lab-coat, as well as a set of highlighters and white conte-crayon.
- Allen has a Gran Piano and a cloak locked away in the dark for his own purposes, although a select few know of this fact. When asked if he has names for them he simply replies, “their names are mine, so what is the point?”

As an Artist:
- In Allen's opinion, Art is to only be used as a means to improve the quality of life, although it isn't always done so. It is summarized and measured by the experience of intrigue. If a person, including the artist, does not place special attention on something, then it fails to be art. The less interest, love or provocation is experienced, the less a thing is 'Art'. Perfection is measured by an irrevocable and completed dedication and attraction to the Art in which can never be achieved by man. Our creativity is a mere attempt to reflect that standard.

As a Grim Artist:
- If a being is found to be a threat to themselves, the common person, the world, or to Allen, or any allegiance that he holds, his main standard is to break into their path and change it, distract it, even end it if necessary. Allen uses his Grim Art to modify a person's visual response mechanism and would rather 'kill with kindness', although his darker side can mutilate the mentality entirely when a person's threat is outstanding enough. His hesitation can be a flaw in some ways, but his Techniques tend to be more then effective and hard to outwit, or even notice at all. A person might only consider him a jokester until the damage or healing has already started. Then it falls hard. He has a strange fascination with the broken heart and is skillful at recreating it, even to the point of enforcing madness onto the stoutest of minds.
- His style involves the act of forcefully entering a person's personal inner emotions and attempting to provoke change. He enters their inner sanctum through replicating their thought processes within his self and understanding them, and using the duel thought process to determine the best way to change it. The change processes mostly involves the use of advanced color theory applications, as well as an overall knowledge of common human values and thought development. He uses a series of simple interactive attacks or illusions to plant a thought, then he will stage an elaborate climax that will cause the opponent to forcefully face the thought in question, even to switch sides in a conflict. It attacks the validity of a weak value, and reconstructs it.

Art Costs:
- Allen's Grim Art inflicts a curious 'Feedback' Cost on his mind.
- His costs are a lot greater then he would like to admit, but living in them has caused his self to heighten his tolerance and defenses against payback. The largest setback is that he has to be a pacifist at most, and any attempt to invoke dark intentions that are too strong for his self can leave gaping holes in his own psyche to repair over time. He gets extremely involved with the emotions of his subject, and takes the exact same mental damage they do. This is because during the process of relating and divulging how to fully change a mind-state he has to live it out down to the most raw emotions. It has to be felt to be received, and he has to know how to feel it. If he kills a person with it, he has to be able to survive the attack himself. This is his greatest risk.

Favored Moves: Most of Allen's Techniques seem average, even remedial in technique, but the potency and originality in the way he uses each one is his main talent. His first goal is to overwhelm the persons mind, not their body. For example, a simple phantom drawing might seem mediocre, even novice, but when that phantom is embodied to perfectly represent a persons dead sister, or is built to induce a sense of claustrophobia rather then attack, it becomes a more powerful tool to the artist. Some of his works are childish and rudimentary, but they introduce thoughts of paradoxes, invoke hidden emotions, highlight flaws and increase visibility, or feed so viciously on hidden insecurities and vanities that a person goes mad.

Drawing Aesthetics, Classical Animation Aesthetics, Heart Breaker: A person is momentarily flooded by motion images that invoke a single emotion and subject. Only animated phantoms; no collateral damage, although with the aid of other Grim Artists in collaboration, it can take on any form, physical if necessary. It's his show stopper and requires perfect execution and arena use/choice.

Writing Aesthetics, Grim Calligraphy, Mason: Mystifies and distracts an opponent. Can make them think a detail is important when it is a farce. Can also be used to hide trap holes, buttons, or relay hidden messages.
- This is used chiefly as a means of secret communication but can be meant to create 'false leads' when hiding something.
- Note: Calligraphy is an advanced form of Writing, more graceful and potent in its form and function than regular handwritten Techniques.

Drawing Aesthetics, Zen Panic: Overwhelms a person with the sheer number of drawings. This is a complete massacre of visual sensory perception and one's sense of direction.
- Can also cause collateral damage, and is effective when used as a means of escape. Since it isn't a regular Drawing, it has no intentional reaction and is subject to only randomized differentials.

Painting Aesthetics, Minimalist Style, Saturation Boost: Makes things glow, appear more vibrant then normal.
- Can be used to momentarily blind another artist.

Painting Aesthetics, Minimalist Style, Suggested Motion: A normal, aggressive attack meant to send a person in a swift direction, whether strongly or gently. Multi-Element, depending on colors used.

Painting Aesthetics, Impressionist Style, Dark Drowning: Speed-paints a figure to mimic and project depression. Increases gravity and reduces heat. Requires humidity.
- Can prove useful when fighting a Perfume Expert.

Painting Aesthetics, Impressionist Style, Light bounce: Speed-paints a figure to mimic and project innocence. Decreases gravity, and boosts heat. Requires dust; earth, ashes, or normal dead skin cells work too.
- Can prove useful when fighting a Sculptor.

Painting-Crafts Aesthetic Collaboration, Ink Painting, Neo-Pop Style, Translucency Leak: Involves the use of a liquid form of litmus paper, ink, and fluorescent pigment – a mixture he modifies when he wants to provide a different feel, or match the specialized medium of another artist. This gives the artist not only good cover during a battle, but reveals hints about their opponent's physical, or hormonal status, and even their emotional status if readable by body changes. It is preferably an assist-type Technique, but is also good for scouting and investigating when used on a small scale. It's a reverse profiling technique, meaning that the higher profile an artist might be, the more vulnerable they are to this attack's effects.
- To sum things up, this Litmus-based Technique can identify and record the traits of others, and it allows the Technique User to take things a step further by modifying those Traits via painting over the Litmus Paper, in turn modifying the target itself.

Painting Aesthetics, Gesture Painting Style, Fourth Wall Clock: A sneak/sabotage Technique. Either by mixing another Artist's medium with his own, or by dropping his medium onto/into another Artist. This particular medium is made with an altered time signature, a slower one, and is applied out of a special brush with a hollow center for storing and applying the medium lined with a faster time signature to protect the Artist using the medium from it. Anything it touches moves slower then expected, by a nearly invisible percentage, until it begins to seem heavier as more medium is added.
- Best against another Grim Painter who mixes mediums with Allen frequently, but it is also good against rift-jumping or time-altering artists because it will throw off their Techniques and give the user something to monitor.

Painting-Fashion Aesthetics Collaboration, Hyper Realism Style, Hide in Bag: This one is literately and exactly what it sounds like. The Artist has a bag that he wraps himself/herself with and paints the outside with camouflage to resemble another object, preferably one that moves, like a toy or an animal. It can also be used to trick opponents into thinking that he or she is trying to remove a spy-bot, or some other medium-based annoyance, only to discover they are forced into battle with a much more powerful force: an actual Grim Artist.
- This is one of the rarer Techniques that Alan uses, since not everyone can pull it off with the same efficiency and ease that he does.

Music Aesthetics, Classical Dark Style, Nonexistent Key: A Piano is required for this Technique. This key is used to hide the Artist during practice. Allen uses a piano with a particular broken key on it designed to cause any listener to forget their entire experience up to two hours previous to realizing the existence of the key played. It also can guard against collateral damage by containing and isolating a particularly dangerous Aesthetic process an allotted time.

- Allen does not like to use what medium? Watercolors. He doesn't like to use them because he has a history of breaking the edges of a paper when painting and ruining the piece, so he constantly refuses to use them due to insecurity.
- Allen has a bad habit of doing what to things? Chewing on them. Allen has a remote addiction to biting things. He chews ice, suckers, even jaw breakers, despite the title of the latter. He also uses his teeth to hold onto things like an extra hand, even cell phones or keys.
- Where did Allen get the name for his pencil? It is from Honi the Circle Drawer, a Mystic specializing in mixing mathematics, symbolics, and art to describe connections in ordinary things. He made carved the handle of both the paintbrush and the pencil (refills lead) by hand out of chairs sat on by the men who his tools are named after. His piano and cloak were both made with missing pieces, the piano with a missing leg, and the cloak with a hole in the center of it. These were made so that a successor may inherit them, and finish them himself or herself.
- Allen has what pet peeves about cooking? He doesn't like beans or pepper of all things, and he critiques brownies harshly on a scale from one to ten, despite not being a chef or having any respect to do so. He also never butters his bread although he needs to gain weight.
- He is called Foxy. Why? Because in his free time he constantly draws a foxlike persona he calls Alex among others, he's a bit shy to admit it, and his friends tease him occasionally about it.
- He is called Psychic Kid sometimes. Why? Because back in high school he once discovered he had the ability to call the top card off of any deck of cards, whether he'd seen it or not. He wasn't always right about the suit and sometimes he was a number off, but he still got unwanted attention for it when he tried to share it in confidence with a friend, who spilled the information to everyone. He never truly figured out why it happened, but he suspected it had to do with the subconscious mind's ability to pick up normally impossibly small details to minute notice, and analyze them continuously. This discovery eventually lead to his own recovery process. Few people remember it even happening, having taken place so long ago.


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Hipster-kei-rei Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Al, for short. Also called Lazyboy, Drama King, Foxy, Perfect Hair Forever, Brother Allen, Psychic Kid. People usually call him by the craziest thing he's done in the time they've known him, and he does a lot.

Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, I giggled too when :icontwintale: wrote that. Personally, Josh would call him that too, and maybe Foxy. :D
Hipster-kei-rei Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That was one of the single best things adult swim ever came up with. back when the network wasnt being choked by anti-religion themed shows....
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Really? I don't watch TV much, so I'm not exactly updated with that stuff.
Hipster-kei-rei Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Eh, most of it it's...very atheistic to say the least...
Recent family guys have portrayed God as a jerk who womanizes and reads porn..i would very much love to punch seth macfarlane...
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
At this point, I've been well-read enough to know that mockery and blasphemy shouldn't be a surprise. :D
Hipster-kei-rei Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It I mean don't get me wrong, just about everything has SOMETHING blasphemous but when it reaches critical heights i really begin to get irritated. i've read so many books(both "factual" and fictional) that seemed geared at discrediting God. I'm well aware that there are people who will never accept God but it doesn't make it any less jarring for me.
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I understand you perfectly. What's worse than the jarring, irritating feeling is the feeling of helplessness, that we can't 'fight back' without being called hypocrites for showing some backbone, since that would allow opponents to pin accusations of hatred and close-mindedness on one who does resist.

Ah well. I've grown a thick skin. We survived being burned at the stake for heresy, we'll survive a bunch of haters whose greatest weapon is disrespect. :D
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MHH3 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Professional Photographer
My oh my! I love how much detail, back story, and thought you put into your character! I am going to have to check it out when I have more time. And to think I was impressed with the charming painting painting paintings. I like that, its very meta... Painting painting paintings. It just shouldn't work but it does.. English is awesome.
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, thanks for the high praise, but Allen is :icontwintale: inserted into my Grim Renaissance series. This particular character is his brainchild. The setting is mine, as well as the characters in Roster 2 and 1. :nod:
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