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January 18, 2012
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Name: Adam ‘The Dragon’ Cero
- No other preferred name. Other Grim Artists usually call him by his title; it’s done out of respect, sometimes even out of fear, and he doesn’t seem to mind.

Age: 24

Nationality: English

- A young man that looks a couple of years younger than he actually is. He wears dark-colored clothing (usually black) and leather jacket. He always wears dark-tinted sunglasses, even at night, which hides his eyes (so eye color is unknown). His only piece of jewelry is a black cord around his neck, suspending a dragon-scale charm. He is brown-haired, and has a ‘subtle’ mustache. He is right-handed, and wears a black glove on that hand. He is usually relaxed in posture and movements, even in combat.

- Subject’s origins are completely unknown; he suddenly appeared out nowhere less than two years ago, and no formal records of Adam seem to exist before then. His particular abilities are of themselves unusual among most Artists, and are the subject of many rumors and stories to those who do know of him. The fact that no one seems to have even heard of him even in this Renaissance that he comes from suggests that he is not of a normal world. Adam is rather elusive in person, so this is another possible explanation, and this is the more likely one.
- Even presently, Adam continues, to some extent, a life of secrecy. He does appear frequently in public, usually to observe the endeavors of his fellow Grim Artists, or to share a few works of his own. He has also been known to attend some social gatherings, and has a certain charisma and sense of humor. Fewer details are known about his private life.
- Curiously, he also displays an acute temporal displacement in his vocabulary; he refers to some current events as though they’ve already occurred. When confronted, he will only claim to know 'through premonition,' and not from 'experience' or 'prior knowledge' how they will transpire. It might simply be his stance on current events, or a mild psychological defect.
- It has been confirmed that Adam hails from a Realm within the Grim Renaissance different from the current one. Not much is known how different is the Realm that he came, but Scouts from Josh have reported it to have a hardened Space-Time Continuum, making disruptions in Reality (like Time Travel and Wormhole Transit) somewhat of an impossibility.

- Adam possesses a ‘dual’ nature. He not only believes that all of existence, including the all realms of the Grim Renaissance is populated with ‘dark’ aspects (evils, sorrows, etc.) but he accepts them as necessary for existence to function. He also believes that it is populated with ‘light’ aspects (goodness, fortunes, etc.) that balance out the darkness. As a result, he ultimately accepts any sort of ‘bad news’ passively, for in his mind everything will even out eventually.
- He also suffers from mood swings. Regardless, subject is overall realistic with optimistic tendencies.
- Of all the Grim Aesthetics, he despises Fusion Aesthetics, and maintains that it should not be a Grim Aesthetic at all. On the other hand, he greatly respects Combat Aesthetics, and regularly practices certain moves for meditation.
- Being a shady character with a vague background, Adam’s intentions may very well be based on some hidden agenda.

Grim Artist Class: Savant; much more powerful than a Dilettante. Can exhibit highly advanced Grim Techniques and has refined the basic and intermediate ones to the point where they can be used for more complex and potent moves, some of them experimental. Is outclassed by a Virtuoso Class Grim Artist and definitely no match for a Genius Class Grim Artist.

Grim Art Type:
- Soul Art. His mental existence will be jeopardized in exchange for his Art’s own.

Grim Aesthetic/s:
- Writing Aesthetics. Genres include Poetry, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Realistic Fiction. He is also proficient at Nonfiction writing, also known as Technical Writing.
- A very capable Craftsman, dedicated to the creation of Pens and other Grim Devices, all boasting excellent quality. He will sometimes sell these for all kinds of profit, which can be monetary or deductible from his Grim Expenses.
- He also practices certain Combat Aesthetic Techniques, albeit for personal relaxation and meditation only.

Grim Device/s:
- Fountain Pen (also called ‘The Pen’): An odd Device in and of itself. It never runs out of ink and Adam can use The Pen to write on any surface, even on thin air. The process of writing can also be accelerated by channeling the words telepathically, through the pen and onto the medium. However, both processes add to the overall cost of his powers. Even stranger, the Pen can be used to Create, Manipulate or Run simple systems, provided Adam has enough rudimentary knowledge on how they work. He can assert dominion over a complex system if he created it. The Pen also lowers the overall cost of his abilities, but this is more likely to balance the Pen’s own operational expenses. Most unusual of all is its appearance, which seems to suggest that Adam himself created it.
- About seven inches in length, the whole pen’s color scheme (except for the tip) is divided into a curved pattern reminiscent of the traditional Yin-Yang symbol. It even shares the colors: black and white. The tip is stainless, and is silver in color.
- Together, Adam and The Pen are capable of demonstrating a rather terrifying ability, which will be mentioned in the Favored Moves section.
- Also owns a portable studio where he can Craft and store his wares.

As an Artist:
- As with his personality, his reason for being an Artist is dual in nature. On one hand, he feels that not enough Artists know of what he feels is the 'Truth of Duality'. And so, he freely writes to express that message, in other words, for a selfless reason. On the other hand, he craves attention and seeks to impress masses of people. This is a selfish motivation, which he is very well aware of, and it’s a fact he isn’t wholly pleased with.

As a Grim Artist:
- Adam is thrifty in his Art. He will take any method, any shortcut required to reduce the cost of using his Art as much as possible. As such, he writes only what he feels is necessary, for anything longer could very well jeopardize his sanity or leave him comatose. As always, Adam has a second posture on being a Grim Artist: if his situation becomes dire, he will do whatever it takes to get him out of it, even if it means making him lose consciousness for awhile. All in all, he seems not to know his limits, and appears to prefer it that way. For if even one doesn’t know his/her own limits, is there anyone that ever can? If he fights, he only fights for his own side, siding only for whoever will benefit him the most.
- To summarize, Adam normally uses as little writing as possible – usually no more than a sentence or two – unless the situation is desperate enough to require more.
- Even if Adam has many distinct advantages as a Grim Artist, they are offset by some additional costs that balance his fighting style. He is still outclassed by Virtuosos, but he could give one a damn good run for his/her money.
- As mentioned earlier, due to his thrifty disposition, Adam can sell his devices for Renaissance Tokens and other goods that he can employ to avoid unleashing his Art until he absolutely has to.

Art Costs:
- Lesser Techniques will cause a minor mood swing in the subject, e.g. from happy to depressed. In some cases, it will simply amplify whatever emotional state he’s currently in, though this rarely happens when he’s feeling positive. Some of the more powerful abilities can have the added cost of temporary (or even permanent, if it’s powerful enough) memory loss or depression that could last for days. Adam has once claimed to have fallen into a 48-hour coma due to a cost of more powerful ability; it’s likely that his most devastating Techniques could place him in permanent unconsciousness.

Favored Moves: While possessing a few common moves, Adam can unleash a sizable collection of rarer abilities. There are many advanced Techniques at his disposal, though he tends to use the simplest moves available. He saves the more complex abilities for extreme situations. Some of the documented abilities he utilizes include:

Writing Aesthetics, Grim Dictation: A Technique that is mandatory for this Aesthetic. It allows a Grim Artist to write out whatever he or she wants. Then, whatever is written will happen without fail, unless the proper defenses are in play.
- This Grim Aesthetic is most effective when used against non-Grim Combatants. It can be defined as above the epitome of beyond omnipotence. Many have tried or dismiss Grim Dictation as something that does not work on them, and each one has had their arrogance crushed by Grim Artist they had challenged. Conflicts have even been ended before they began, since some Grim Authors prefer writing in past tense. Against other Grim Artists, however, Dictation is a little more difficult to pull off as they are under the protection of their own Prerogative, not to mention tons of counter-Techniques exist that can defend against Writing Aesthetics. There are instances where Legendary Class Artists have manipulated their colleagues with a single word, but this is the exception rather than the rule.
- Adam is a particularly hellish Writer to deal with. Josh and Adam have dueled with nothing but Writing Aesthetics many times now, and the Dsiorpov has not won once. Outside the Renaissance, Adam need not even scrawl to mess with a beyond-infinite amount of existences, in ways that even the most powerful entities (and those who created them) cannot begin to comprehend.

Grim Dictation, Grim Wordplay: A very common ability. Using The Pen, Adam can change, control or counter any offensive or defensive Written Techniques of another Grim Artist, depending on his/her class and the particular amount of power the move being used. Wordplay in regular societies is a literary technique wherein the words used can be exploited for extra meanings and purposes. In the Renaissance, Grim Writers can cause the sentences of other Writers to glitch, morph or cause different effects.
- Adam displays a Rare Variant of this Grim Technique. He can apply it not only to words, but to the very abilities of other Artists. Note that when clashing Prerogative with Prerogative, the basics still apply. Landscape Artists have priority over everyone else when it comes to manipulating the environment, Dancers over their maneuvers, Animators over their animation, etc.
- Weaker abilities can be negated altogether. For more powerful abilities, Wordplay will only weaken, lessen, or slightly change their effects.
- Proficient users of Grim Wordplay can also use this ability to strengthen an ally’s abilities.
- Cost is highly dependent on how advanced the target move is, and on the Class of the Grim Artist using it. Expenses will be much higher against, say, a Master Class Artist than it would against a Dilettante or a Savant.
- In Adam case, what he pays is proportional to (but seldom the same as) the cost that the targeted Grim Artist paid to use their Technique, the very one that Adam will be affecting with Wordplay.

Grim Dictation, Written Genesis: This Technique is also called Dictator over Form and Conditori ex Libri, among many other names. Adam simply refers to it as ‘Creation’. This Grim Technique allows a Grim Writer to create virtually any object, entity, construct, and so on, by merely writing a description of what it is. He can then control the Creation by writing a narrative of what happens to it, though it is possible (and depending on the Artist, more prudent) to simply manipulate the object physically.
- Written Genesis is quite uncommon amongst Writers, since the majority of Summoning is done via Sketching Aesthetics, and to a lesser extent, Sculpture Aesthetics.
- In Adam’s case, his creations are ‘covered’ many times by his Prerogative and the Writing itself, making them nigh-indestructible. However a large, continuous cost is placed on such control, and a good deal of focus and time are required. This is a very Rare strain of Written Genesis, since most Written or Sketched Creations aren’t normally ‘covered’ by multiple layers of Prerogative for increased durability.
- Adam can use Written Genesis in conjunction with his Crafting Techniques. The exact processes involved with this Aesthetics Collaboration are kept secret for now, as per request from the Guild who taught Adam this special way of forging items.
- Note: This seems to be his signature move. Adam is highly skilled and experienced with this ability, and can create and run multiple creations simultaneously, albeit with an even greater cost than normal.
- Examples: creating a wall to block a path/paths; creating a skeleton key to open doors; creating weapons to use in a fight.
- Cost depends upon the complexity of the creation, and also on its mass and size. A proportional, continuous cost is required in order to ‘direct’ what the creation does, as opposed to simply giving it free rein like most Sketched Creations.
- Furthermore, Adam’s variant of this Technique has another feature that is Rare, if not Unique to him within the original Realm he comes from. It stems from his stance on Duality. He can create a duplicate of a Written Creation for free if the one is in direct opposition to the other. Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Negative and Positive, Push and Pull, Wet and Dry, Harmful and Helpful, Hot and Cold. As long as both Written Creations mirror the ‘Truth of Duality’, his Grim Art will not charge extra.
- Written Genesis stems from Grim Dictation; it is focused on an aspect of said Sub-Aesthetic for a more concentrated and purposed effect.

Grim Dictation, Grim Metaphor: Also called Dictator over Identity and Written Transmutation. This Technique is usable by pretty much any Grim Writer, since it is a focused form of Grim Dictation, one which places emphasis on shifting what something is into something else. Basically, this is an ability that can turn anything into something else, provided there is a descriptive connection, no matter how vague or far-fetched, between the starting and ending products. Usually, it’s easier to pull off ‘the skies were a tumultuous ocean’ on a stormy day than a clear one, playing off the current situation to call down an actual ocean from the heavens. Likewise, the ease and efficiency of stating ‘that pet of yours is a ravening beast from hell’ is usually better than ‘that dog is a ticking time bomb’ due to better descriptive connections.
- There is no limit to what Writers can’t affect with this Technique, nor a limit to what they can turn them into. Their imagination and their costs are really their only barriers. This is most evident outside the Renaissance, where statements like ‘beyond omnipotence is nothing but child’s play’ are brought into full effect, unaffected by no limits fallacies, and possessing full priority over all that might resist it. Some might consider that statement to be illogical, but as usual, logic has no hold over what a Grim Artist can or cannot do, or how they do it.
- Of course, once Anti-Writing Counter-Techniques are brought to bear, this ability becomes much harder to successfully employ. All the other Aesthetics have their own form of defense against Writers, and many of them can even bypass, ignore, defy, and outright negate or manipulate this Technique.
- The Costs of Grim Metaphors vary from Artist to Artist. Adam has only been observed using it once, in an instance where he seemed to be in dire peril. To limit the cost as much as possible, he had to physically write on a surface. Still, he lost consciousness for hours, woke up with a headache, and suffered violent mood swings for days.
- In Adam’s case, it requires a specific format: ‘The (target/s of Metaphor) is/are (what the target/s will become)’. For example: ‘The rooster is the frailest twig’.
- Also in Adam’s case, once transformed the entity/object/etc will have a life, mind (if applicable), and existence of its own.
- Yet again, Adam wields a Technique Variant that is not a Common one. Like his Written Genesis, his Grim Metaphors are Unique to him within the Renaissance Realm he comes from, and Rare within Renaissance Forgewater. His variant stems from his stance on Duality: he can create a duplicate of a Grim Metaphor for free if the one is in direct opposition to the other. Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Negative and Positive, Push and Pull, Wet and Dry, Harmful and Helpful, Hot and Cold. As long as both Grim Metaphors mirror the ‘Truth of Duality’, his Grim Art will not charge extra.

Writing Aesthetics, Instant-Message: A Common ability. Adam needs only to write a message and the name of its recipient, and it will be transmitted to the destination without the need for a carrier.
- In a sense, it’s almost like writing a letter. In fact, this ability uses the same format as a letter. It even manifests itself physically as a letter.
- It is a common, low-cost ability. Any additional cost is negligibly dependent on the length of the message and the distance to its recipient.
- While Instant-Message primarily serves little use in combat, a few Grim Writers have demonstrated the use of this ability to ‘spam’ the opponent, distracting them long enough to escape.
- More advanced variants of this Technique can be used for direct offense. If one knows the real name of their opponent, and one is able to avoid their Anti-Writing Defenses, one can actually send them sheets with pre-paid, trigger-type, or timed effects that will activate when they receive it.
- While efficient enough, one must take care to send messages securely. Criminals have been known to snatch letters in transit, stealing whatever valuable data they can. For this reason, Post Offices within the Renaissance have not gone out of business, their near-impregnable transports delivering messages with far greater safety, despite a noticeable delay from Point A to Point B.

Writing-Combat Aesthetics Collaboration, Aura Borealis: Why Adams calls it this is unknown. Most Artists have different names for their own versions and variants of this Technique, like Scribeswrath or Synergy of Word and War. This is an Uncommon Technique that requires the presence and cooperation of a Grim Combatant to pull off. The Writer describes a form of attack (usually an energy wave, kata, combo, supporting style, or move) and the Combatant releases it via his Art.
- As both Grim Artists partake in the ability, both will share the cost, albeit to each his own. In other words, Soul Artists only receive a psyche cost, Blood Artists only receive flesh costs, and Fate Artists only receive cosmic costs.
- This cost depends on both the Grim Combatant and the Grim Writer. On the Writer’s end, the cost comes from how complex and how descriptive the attack is. On the Combatant’s end, the cost comes from the specific movement s/he uses to release it: how complicated it is, among other factors.
- Its power, by the way, is nearly always proportional to the classes of both Grim Artists: the higher the class of each Artist, the greater the power. However, any class of Grim Artist could potentially take part in the move.
- The only requirement is that there needs to be a Grim Writer that knows the move; even though it is a Writer-Combatant Collaboration, it is technically exclusive to Grim Writers. Considering the coordination involved, it is a difficult move to pick up.
- This Technique is another reason that Adam respects the Combatant Aesthetics; of all the abilities he could use in combat, this is the one he’d be most likely to call upon.
- Note: what sets this Technique apart from its many alternate variants is that it requires direct and on-the-spot collaboration between the Writer and the Martial Artist, where others provide the Technique via Writing Aesthetics and the 'receiver' only learns the Technique for later use.

Writing-Crafts-Prerogative Aesthetics Collaboration, Advanced Gear Narrator: An overwhelmingly-scant few Grim Artists can awaken this ability, at least in the Renaissance Adam comes from. Due to an in-depth immersion in the Writing and Crafting Aesthetics, Adam and The Pen can exert their Prerogative over Grim Devices themselves, even the ones belonging to other Grim Artists, conveying dominion over many aspects ranging from Position, Mass and Form to even more complex things like Function, Origin and Style. This Technique combines the efficiency and versatility of Writing with the prowess of Crafts over all Devices. Mixing Prerogative Aesthetics adds an extra layer of potency that pure-Writers, pure-Crafters, or pure-Prerogative users find difficult, if not impossible, to break.
- Unlike the Gear Creator Technique, this one only controls Devices, not forms them. Gear Creation is the name of the confidential Technique taught to Adam which allows him to make stuff using words, skills and materials.
- This Technique goes beyond the Craft Aesthetics’ Item Control Technique. While similar, Gear Narrator relies more on Writing to do the manipulation, Crafts to implement effects, and Prerogative to bolster everything. Item Control is to Gear Narration as a Chicken Nugget is to a Thanksgiving Turkey.
- Artists who are bonded to their Grim Device are largely immune to this ability. There comes a point where a Grim Artist and his/her Device are so in-tune with each other that both become as one. Separate yet the same, divided yet united.
- In Adam’s case, The Pen appears to exhibit a mind of its own, which is another rarity within many Realms of the Grim Renaissance. This allows him to exert double-control over Devices, and those without a special bond with their gear will have to fight twice as hard to regain control of their tools of the trade.
- Adam has yet to show a range limit with this ability. He’s has shown control over Devices from miles away, without any visible strain.
- The costs inflicted by this Technique are known only to him.
- Note that there is a fine line between Grim Devices and Grim Products. While both can be manufactured, only the latter is used to unleash or channel an Art. Grim Products are capable of augmenting or modifying a Grim Arts or Grim Techniques, and they can bond with the Artist as well, but their role and position is different; less direct, albeit no less important or significant. This Technique does not apply to the latter.

- His favorite dish is a bowl of chili. He carries a jar with a unique spice so that he can always get the flavor 'perfect' whenever he has some.
- According to rumor, his title as 'The Dragon' signifies his overall fighting prowess.
- Although he practices Grim Combat for meditation, Adam hasn’t used any moves from it in actual combat, especially not against another Grim Artist.
- His favorite color is actually green. And he hates the color yellow.
- His astrological sign, ironically enough, is Libra.
- Quote: “Living for life’s sake isn’t living, but merely existing. To live, you must follow your heart, wherever it may wander.”


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