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February 25, 2012
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Name: Jae 'The Chimera' MacGillebrath

Age: Unknown.
- Appears to be in mid-twenties.

Nationality: Scottish

Appearance: Tall, average build, lightly tanned, auburn hair. One green eye, one blue. Long scar across right eye and into hairline. Jae's jacket has a large hole in the back to allow for wings, the short cape covers that hole. She wears wraps on her feet instead of shoes because she often Self-Sculpts her feet as well, and shoes are too expensive to keep replacing all the time. It is like pulling teeth to try to make her wear shoes. The scarf attached to her jacket is really a hood.

Background: Due to her Art Cost, Jae has become unstuck from time. She no longer travels through the fourth dimension in a predictable way. For this reason, her 'past' is not really quantifiable. Everything she has experienced so far is her past. A person she may be meeting for the first time could have already met her. It is terribly confusing, even for her, and so she tries not to talk about what has already happened to her.
- What is known for sure is that Jae has been a part of several major events in the histories of many domains and dimensions. So much so that she has become something of a legend in certain worlds, including several Realms within the Grim Renaissance itself. She is known as 'The Chimera' due to her extremely curious fighting style.
- Unknown to most is from where or when she originated. Seems to have a connection with Joshua Dsiorpov, which could explain why she seems to be able to return to the same time stream and realm on a regular basis.
- She has revealed that there are certain time streams that she returns to, sometimes almost immediately after she 'left'. Jae has never met herself in any time stream or place. For this reason, she has been lead to believe that everything she will do in her future has already taken place somewhere and somewhen. But that kind of thinking will drive a person crazy, so she doesn't mull over it too often.

Personality: Relatively easy going. There are a few things that really tick her off, but anyone who has lived as long as she has is bound to acquire a few 'eccentricities'. Other than that, she has a fierce protective streak, going out of her way to help in any way she can. Brilliant tactician and strategist, she is often the brains behind a mission. Does not often form strong bonds with others because of her Art Cost.

Grim Artist Class: Savant; much more powerful than a Dilettante. Can exhibit highly advanced Grim Techniques and has refined the basic and intermediate ones to the point where they can be used for more complex and potent moves, some of them experimental. Is outclassed by a Virtuoso Class Grim Artist and definitely no match for a Genius Class Grim Artist.
- She is a High-Rank Savant, meaning that she is ready to graduate into the Virtuoso Class.

Grim Art Type: Fate Artist; her Art will jeopardize her cosmic/abstract self.
- Jae's Art has an emphasis on Time.

Grim Aesthetic/s: Jae specializes in Sculpture Aesthetic. Secondary Aesthetics include Animation, Drawing, Writing, Painting, and Combat.

Grim Device/s: On one of her many travels through time and space, it is said Jae met a famous Craftsmaster. Legend has it that they fell in love, and the Craftsmaster created for her the tool for which he became most famous: the Cruthaich Taraid, which is Gaelic for ‘Moulder’s Staff’. It is a very powerful sculpting Device that was tailor-made to suit Jae and her fighting style. Another interesting point is that it will only work for her, and she cannot lose it because it resonates with her soul, and will travel through both time and space to follow her (it follows her current soul-trail, avoiding any awkward situations where it might turn up in a time/place in which she already has it). 
- The seven metal rings around the end are suspended there through pure Prerogative; they gently rotate around the staff. The metal rings are forged Imagination, and so can change into any shape Jae chooses, thus becoming the ultimate all-in-one sculpting tool. The wood allegedly comes from the same time/place Jae was born in, from the forest where she grew up. This theory in unsubstantiated, but remains the only one so far that can explain why it so easily resonates with her.
- It is said that the Craftsmaster made the glow of Cruthaich Taraid blue and green to match Jae's eyes.

As an Artist: Jae does art primarily to please herself, but also to please others. She believes that Art should be shared, but understands that Art is very personal and should not be considered lightly.

As a Grim Artist: Jae loves a good fight once she's there, but tries to stay out of conflicts as best she can. She works mostly on the offensive, and intelligent strategies are her strong point. She does not fight without a cause, be it self-defense or protection of others.
- Jae's Sculpture Aesthetic means that she specializes in the physical. She does not have many attacks that work on the psyche or the environment. She prefers to do physical damage as quickly as possible and render her opponent unable to perform any attacks. Will combine Painting with her Sculpture to create elemental creatures, but rarely uses the pure form of any Aesthetic other than Sculpture in combat.

Art Costs: As previously mentioned, Jae is a Fate Artist. Her Grim Expenses have to do with Time. Sometime in her twenties, the cost of her Grim art reached a critical point, and she became permanently unstuck in time. This is why she no longer ages. She can still die of regular disease and whatnot, but Time has no affect on her. However, her cost also means that every so often, and without warning, she will skip through time and space and appear in a different time and place. The more cost she accumulates, the more erratic this skipping through Time and Space can be. The longer she does not use her Grim Art, the longer she remains in whatever era and world she happens to be in. However, since she is permanently unstuck from Time, she will never stay in the same time/place forever. This is problematic for several obvious reasons. It also contributes to her seemingly permanent state of readiness. She always has certain things with her because she may disappear in an instant. She is also tentative about forming relationships.
- Theoretically, in many Realms within the Renaissance where the Fabric of Reality and Existence has been hardened by the cumulative Prerogatives of the Grim Artists within, or Landscaped so that the Space-Time Continuum cannot be breached, Jae's costs would be zero, and she could use her abilities to her heart’s content. But this has not been proven as she has never been into such Realms. Some speculate that this is because her Art Costs have to do with Time and Space, and because Time and Space in those Realms are under certain restrictive management or effects, sometimes even governed by organizations, her Grim Art avoids going into those Realms altogether.

Favored Moves: Because Jae's primary aesthetic is Sculpture, her Technique list reflects this. She does use her secondary Aesthetics, usually only to add potency and power to her sculptures. A few of them have been formally documented:

Sculpture Aesthetics, Wild Self-Sculpt: The Very Rare Technique of Self-Sculpt is widely used throughout the Grim Realms by only the most skilled or gifted Sculptors to change their own appearance without the use of Cosmetic Surgery Aesthetics, which is a more permanent and direct manipulation of one’s body. Jae's version of it is even more Rare than most. The Wild Self-Sculpt is the ability to Sculpt one's own body into various forms taken from nature. This includes animals, plants, mythical creatures, and anything the mind can cook up that has an organic body.
- Coupled with her Combat Aesthetics prowess, this makes for devastating attack power. Used mostly for close range combat. Jae is known to use this ability outside combat situations, as it is useful for a host of practical purposes.
- Self-Sculpt can involving different themes, such as Tech Self-Sculpt (where one Sculpts body parts into cybernetic, clockwork, weaponry or construction-type forms) and even Law Self-Sculpt (a rarer variant that crosses over into the non-physical, allowing one to Sculpt body parts into immaterial, astral, spiritual, abstract, cosmic or conceptual forms).
Sculpture Aesthetics, Savage Creation: Similar to Zero's 'Ballsaal von Monstern', Jae is able to summon a variety of sculpted creatures, usually Monster-Themed. The number of sculptures, material quality, level of detail, etc, determines the Art Cost.
- One of her favorite creatures to summon is the Basilisk. It was one of her first sculpts ever, and although she has improved on the original design and her skill level has gone up, she frequently returns to this familiar monster.

Sculpture Aesthetics, Substance Shift: Very common among Grim Sculptors. Denotes the ability to take any material and transmute it into something different, be it clay, stone, wood, sculpey, etc.
- Jae is most comfortable with materials like sculpey and clay.

Sculpture-Renaissnace Aesthetics, Terracotta Battalion: A very Rare Technique within the Renaissance. It allows the user to form an entire army of Grim Sculptures from any surface, preferably the ground, to unleash on opponents. The user of the Technique is designated as the Emperor/Empress and is the epicenter of the Technique. The army will continue to spawn units, replacing any that have fallen, for as long as the Emperor/Empress is activating the Technique. The costs of such a Technique may or may not be cumulative. The units in the Terracotta Army can be of different designs, classes and roles.
- Normally, this Technique takes a long time to prepare and activate. But Jae need only slam her staff into the ground, business end first, to unleash this Technique, making her variant Rare in the Renaissance. It has been rumored that if she were to unleash this Technique outside the Renaissance, the entire 'Ultracosmic Realm Cluster' around the epicenter of this Technique would be involved, allowing Jae to literally form innumerable armies of magnificent Sculptures, each one under her control, out of beyond numberless clouds of Existences and all those who dwell within or without.

Sculpture Aesthetics, Flash Sculpt: A common move. This is a fusion of the Quick Sculpt and Duplicate Sculpt Techniques, and it denotes the ability to quickly, sometimes near-instantly, make replicas of sculptures.
- The Art Cost of replicas is less than creating totally new sculptures. However they are usually less powerful than the original.

Painting Aesthetics, Grim War Paint: Jae is able to paint her sculpted creatures, adding Elemental power to them. The Element depends on the color, of course. The more realistically the creature is rendered, the more powerful the Element or Elements, and the more powerful the creature.
- Jae is also able to paint her Wild Self-Sculpts. They appear dark red as default, matching her hair color, but have no Element in this form. By painting them, she is able to grant herself Elemental power and Techniques.
- This ability can work on people too.

Drawing Aesthetics, Quick Sketch: A common method specific to this Aesthetic. It allows a Grim Artist to rapidly churn out a summon. Speed can range from seconds to near-instantly.
- Jae does not commonly use this move in combat, but keeps it in her arsenal for more mundane purposes.

Sculpture-Drawing Aesthetics Collaboration, Renaissance Hieroglyph: Similar to Renaissance Tokens, Jae is able to quickly draw the creature she wishes to summon on the medium she wishes to use. As long as the Hieroglyph is clear, it will work. Details are not necessary. The sculpture is made of whatever material the Hieroglyph was drawn on. Very useful for churning out large numbers of monsters at a time, but they are not as powerful as those created by Savage Creation.

Drawing-Painting Aesthetics Collaboration, Renaissance Token: A cross between the non-Elemental Logos most Sketchers would use and the purely-Elemental Marks most Painters wield. A Renaissance Token is a very common Technique, and it simple invokes a complex result through a simple means. Instead of having to draw a volcano in detail, one can use the symbol of a volcano to unleash a real one.
- Like her Quick Sketch, Jae does not often use this ability in battle. It has, however, come in handy from time to time.

Sculpture-Painting-Animation-Renaissance-Prerogative Aesthetics Collaboration, Living Forgery: This Grim Technique is very Rare, if not Scarce, and is among of Jae's highest-costing ones. Jae is able to sculpt and paint a creature to nearly perfect lifelikeness, and then grant it incredible range of motion, and even low-to-mid-level intelligence with her Animation. The result is essentially a battle partner. An exceedingly powerful ability with innumerable practical uses.
- This ability has only been witnessed a handful of times. Depending on the situation and how powerful the creature was, Jae may skip through time and space shortly after summoning it, due to the high expenses it incurs. For this reason, it is considered her trump card. If the Living Forgery is not very powerful or well made, the cost is less.
- Because this is an Animated Sculpture, it is under the same Prerogative and Effect as regular Grim Animations, i.e. it is impossible to stop unless one has knowledge in Grim Animation as well. This mirrors what Animations are like in regular societies. One cannot directly interact with an Animation once it starts playing, and almost all attempts to do so are rendered useless; the only thing an audience can do is watch or leave. It the same within the Grim Renaissance. You either get out of the way of an Animation, or watch as it wrecks you.
- Unlike regular Claymation, or even Painted Claymation Characters, this Technique infused the artwork with enough Prerogative and Imagination to almost turn it into a living creature, which is why it may move around more than most Sculptures even without the Animation Aesthetics, which is mostly used to empower it's 'actions' into something aggravatingly hard to stop.

- Jae has a sweet tooth.

- She loves to sing, mostly folk and drinking songs.

- Hates cooking.

- Jae loves to read.
- Because she's seen it all and done most of it, she sometimes comes across as being wiser than her years. This is because most people do not how old she is. Granted, she doesn't know that either, but she sure is older than anyone she knows.
- Something of an adventurer, but also perfectly happy to chill on a couch somewhere.


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