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April 8, 2012
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Name: Nathanial 'War Magister' Birchfield

Age: 18

Nationality: United States, from an undisclosed Earth within the Grim Renaissance.
- Is 1/8th Saudi Arabian, 1/8th Irish, 6/8th Alpine (Celtic) and other Caucasian

Appearance: Lightly-tanned skin. Hair is dark brown and shaggy; it can change shape multiple times per day, and can be anything from a small afro to a forward spike. Nathanial has no control over this. For this reason, he likes to keep it short and wavy. His eyes are primarily blue and green, with some yellow, red and brown. Is about 5 feet, 9 inches and weighs about 130lbs. He's well-toned, broad shouldered and big feet with huge dark rings under his eyes. Nathanial, despite being in shape in virtually every other part of his body, has somewhat concentrated fat in his stomach. Other than his gigantic nose and ears, that’s really all there is. His posture is straight and perfect when standing or walking, but normally hunched when sitting and having fun. It’s also worth noting that his feet bend out majorly to either side, making long distance running difficult.
- As for clothing, he is usually seen wearing a dark colored T-shirt with a pocket over where the heart is. It's sleeves go past the elbows. For leggings, Nathanial wears a pair of light or dark slacks. A brown pair of hiking boots finish off his 'outfit'.

Background: Though he enjoys talking about his past, he doesn’t enjoy people knowing it without being told. For this reason he has personally asked Vidan not to reveal anything to the Bosses.

Personality: Greatly varies depending on who he is with. Around new people, Nathanial is polite and pleasant to be around, quickly matching his personality to whoever he is with. With friends, there isn’t anyone more honest (for better or worse), opinionated and open. He views respect as being perfectly honest and blunt among good friends, though understands that almost nobody else shares this point of view.
- There are quite a few ‘constants’ at all times. Nathanial can get randomly angry, depressed, antisocial or hyper almost without warning. He tends to fake being normal until he can rush out of social interactions.

Grim Artist Class: Savant; much more powerful than a Dilettante. Can exhibit highly advanced Grim Techniques and has refined the basic and intermediate ones to the point where they can be used for more complex and potent moves, some of them experimental. Is outclassed by a Virtuoso Class Grim Artist and definitely no match for a Genius Class Grim Artist.

Grim Art Type: Soul Art. His expenses jeopardize his mental/emotional self.

Grim Aesthetic/s: Nathanial specialized in five Aesthetics, namely Writing, Crafting, Painting, Gaming and Decoration.

Grim Device/s:
- Tablet + Headset: Always with a writing program opened, the tablet is Nathanial’s access to the most important aspect of his art. In a creative move, he hooked up a headset to it, allowing him to ‘write’ by using speech to text while leaving his hands free.
- Model Case: Pre-built and painted models are carried here. All they’re missing is that bit of energy to make them active.
- Richard’s Modeling Kit: A set of 8 paint brushes of varying sizes. The larger ones make for quicker, less effective, paint jobs. The set also includes small pots of paints in the fold-out case. Parts used for quick decorations and customizations are also in here. The set was passed down his father, a similar Artist.
-Utility Knife: A short, sharp blade mounted on a pen-like aluminum body, used for crafting. It can be found in the modeling case. Should the need arise, it’s blade and hilt resize to that of a sword or halberd, thus forming Nathanial’s primary melee weapon.

As an Artist:
- His modeling is derived from being an obsessive person. Building a model from start to finish and controlling every aspect of it is extremely gratifying to Nathanial. Though unlike his writing, it’s more about ‘what would be best’ rather than ‘what would I enjoy the most’.

As a Grim Artist:
- Nathanial prefers to never fight personally if it can be avoided. It’s not uncommon for him to just park himself far away from the conflict and send out a constant stream of models. If there is a option not to kill someone, he will take it every time (unless he has paid too much of his cost). Maiming is also out of the question, which is why his models' weapons are always blunt. However, if he is at risk of being seriously hurt, or one of his close friends are, then killing is not out of the question.
- Curiously enough, Music Aesthetics are extra effective on him. It doesn't matter if the effects inflicted on him are for better or for worse.

Art Costs:
- Nathanial’s cost is his inhibition. The more he uses his powers, the less ability he has to restrain himself in any situation. This proves problematic, as just below his façade of normality, there is a whirling tide of emotions and feelings just waiting to assert themselves. In addition, loss of sleep and focus are common as well.

Favored Moves: Nathanial has yet to reveal many signature moves, but being a Savant, he does have a wonderful grasp of the basics, a few of which have been listed below.
- Nathanial is predominantly a Grim Writer. His writing has two distinct styles. One is a ‘Free-floating’ view and the other is a ‘Focused’ view. Free-floating can be used to vaguely manipulate a entire encounter if needed, tipping the balance in one way or another and influencing actions with a little push. When focused, it is defining what one person senses and does. Though powerful, it only effects one person and tends to take quite a bit of focus to write, as Nathanial must put himself in the target’s position. Focusing on himself is both easier and more effective.
- His mainstay ability: Nathanial can rely on an as-of-yet undocumented but powerful Crafting-Decoration-Painting-Writing-Gaming Aesthetics Collaboration. He can use all of these separately, but Nathanial’s true might is in how he combines them. Using this rather rare Aesthetics Collaboration, he can craft miniatures (this includes terrain, though he does increase the scale for those) of sizes ranging from about a quarter-inch to a few feet. After being created, he can at any time make them grow to full size and become animated (though normally he‘ll begin painting them beforehand). They come in three varieties; plastic, pewter and resin. Plastic is weakest but fast to create and easily customizable. Pewter takes longer but is far more powerful, yet not nearly as adaptable. Resin is the in-between in all respects, except that resin golems show the greatest intelligence by far.
- After a basic model of any material is selected, Nathanial can begin customizing them using Decoration Aesthetics. Most parts that he adds are just for looks, but style does count for quite a bit in the artistic world. Depending on the time spent, a model’s power can greatly vary. This normally involves crafting extra parts out of putty or attaching pre-built parts.
- Once any finishing touches are done, he can primer them. This process is fast and improves all their stats slightly. Once primed, Nathanial begins painting. In this stage, most of the model’s ablative defenses are prepared. Once more, time is a factor here. Given enough time, they can be rendered virtually immune to elemental attacks, though each attack chips the paint.
- The final phase is when he applies Writing and Gaming Aesthetics. Writing gives 'Purpose' to his creations. Gaming allows him to set 'Rules' for, or on, his models, and it also allows him to govern any interactions they may have. A model may have a gun, but it’s just a hunk of useless material before he gives it the meaning of a gun. Theoretically, with those five Aesthetics working together, any model can be enabled to do anything. But as every Gamer worth his merit knows, the game must be balanced. The more investment in a single model’s rules, the less there is in any others. As usual, however, limits on Grim Artists are nonexistent outside the Renaissance. Nathanial could easily make the model of a mousetrap larger than multiple existences, or give a spider enough firepower to easily pound the strongest Cosmic Beings to oblivion.
- Note that many people mistake him as a being a Sculptor due to the initial step of fighting style, that is, creating models. That notion isn't totally correct, neither is it completely incorrect. Nathanial uses Crafting Aesthetics to 'transform components into a product with practical purposes' as opposed to a true Sculptor 'forming and shaping a material into an object of aesthetic value'. With that in mind, it is possible to detect similarities here and there. Many Grim Artists do believe that the line parting Nathanial from being a Sculptor is a thin one.
- Nathaniel is a powerful action scene writer and character writer. However, objects are not his forte. Whenever an object has no effect on people present, he has no control over it. If there is, say, a pen on the ground, he could not control it unless there was a perceptible way for that to help a person involved in the current conflict. Same with landscape. However, even in those cases he cannot change the object in any way, just manipulate it. In the example of the pen, he might be able to manipulate it so that someone steps on it and falls, but he could not transform it into a sword. Also of note, Nathaniel can barely use this Technique with paper, having horrible handwriting, which to make things worse is also slow.

Writing Aesthetics, Grim Dictation: A Technique that is Mandatory for this Aesthetic. It allows a Grim Artist to write out whatever he or she wants. Then, whatever is written will happen without fail, unless the proper defenses are in play.
- This Grim Aesthetic is most effective when used against non-Grim Combatants. It can be defined as above the epitome of beyond omnipotence. Many have tried or dismiss Grim Dictation as something that does not work on them, and each one has had their arrogance crushed by Grim Artist they had challenged. Conflicts have even been ended before they began, since some Grim Authors prefer writing in past tense. Against other Grim Artists, however, Dictation is a little more difficult to pull off as they are under the protection of their own Prerogative, not to mention there exists tons of counter-Techniques to defend against Writing Aesthetics. There are instances where Legendary Class Artists have manipulated their colleagues with a single word, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Writing Aesthetics, Dictator over Feelings: A Common Technique. This is the basic, innate ability of writing to play on emotions while also dictating everything around the artist. Nathaniel can use anything from 'Moment of joy' to 'Moment of despair'. However, this is almost purely a supplementary power, as it can only be used when the artist finds himself in a situation where joy, despair or any others can be found. For example, he couldn’t use 'Moment of Fear' when he’s broken and beaten on the ground and his foes have nothing to fear. However, if he uses 'Moment of Intensity' after he scores a good hit on his foe, the damage may be multiplied several times over.
- When empowered with a collaboration with Prerogative Aesthetics, this Technique becomes Dictator over Emotions, and can be more easily applies to others. This is particularly devastating against Soul Artists, since they rely on the stability of their psyche to remain in combat.

Writing-Prerogative Aesthetics Collaboration, Perspective Mode Shift: A common technique. Nathanial calls it Head hopping, and it is used by to show different points of view for their characters. When employed for fighting purposes, however, it can prove to be devastating, especially to Soul Artists. Simply put, it takes the mind of one or more targets, including the artist who uses this, if he/she is a part of an encounter with other people he targets, and places them in other bodies. Control is provided normally to the Artist over the body they are currently in, as if it was their own. Placing an enemy into a disabled or destroyed body is a sure-fire was to put them out of commission.
- Nathanial's variant is Rare: while the minds have been taken out, nothing can affect their bodies or even anything around them. This represents a scene on pause for dramatic tension while another scene is resolved. Nathaniel has a charge time for Head Hopping equal to the amount of time he wants to spend in the other bodies. This is commonly used in conjunction with his crafted minions to get the upper hand.

Writing Aesthetic, Turn About: A Rare Technique. This is Nathaniel’s single most powerful writing Technique. It allows the manipulation of Time and Space so that Nathaniel can prepare something for his current battle. Perhaps he went back and borrowed a Grim Device perfect for fighting this foe.
- Note that the rules of the Realm concerning the breaking of the Space-Time Continuum apply. This Technique will only work in a Realm where one can breach Space-Time; in Realms where those rules are enforced by an organization, or where the Fabric of Reality has been hardened to prevent being warped, Space Travel and Time Travel is simply not an option.

Writing-Renaissance Aesthetics Collaboration, Developing Character: A rather Uncommon Technique. Not to be confused with Character Development. With this, Nathaniel can create any character he can imagine. However, rare is it that Nathaniel fully plans out a character. Instead, they become more complex over time. The longer a particular character survives, the more powerful and realistic they get. Think of it as a self-sustaining being that refines and improves itself over time.
- Nathanial's Variant of this Technique is Uncommon. Unlike some Developing Characters, which dissipate naturally, the 'development' of his own will stacks with previous uses. If Nathanial uses this to create a brave warrior who wins the battle for him, Nathanial can use that same character in a later encounter with all the development they had ‘built up’. However, should that character be struck down, Nathaniel’s mind is rended and all development is lost, along with a significant degree of his Artist Cost.
- Drawing Aesthetics has its own version, as does Sculpting Aesthetics.

Prerogative-Renaissance Aesthetics Collaboration, Forced Duel: A Rare Technique. Upon successful application and activation, this Technique forces two or more Artists to fight. This is mostly used for a 'mutually assured destruction' scenario, or when one Artist has an overwhelming advantage.
- Furthermore, if Nathaniel doesn’t want to fight somebody and just wants to go do something else, he can say “Who would win, you or my crafted army”, thus forcing those two sides to fight with each other and only each other without interference.
- Note that Nathaniel applies this Technique through an Uncommon Variant that uses Writing Aesthetics.
- This can also be used to force two enemies to battle. “I wonder which of your characters would win against each other”. As is Nathaniel nature, unfortunately, he has to place a bet on who he thinks will win. If he is correct, artist cost is paid normally. If he is wrong, the cost is doubled.
- The Gaming equivalent of this is called Versus Mode, but duels it induced continue until 'mission objectives' or 'victory conditions' are met. For example, Deathmatch Duels end only when one Player has been killed. InstaKill Duels end the moment someone lands a hit. There may be a bunch of rules and prerequisites that must be obeyed, from Quests to Gambling. Forced Duels are also much harder to defy, and the best way to deal with them is not get caught in its effects altogether.
- Versus Mode and Forced Duels can be Collaborated for form en even more potent Technique called Ultimate Showdown.
- Note that while the effects of this Technique are potent, the trouble is getting them to apply. Many Artists have defenses that negate Prerogative-based Techniques. Nathanial does apply this Technique via Writing, but that too presents a whole world of difficulty.

Gaming Aesthetics, Best 2 out of 3: A highly Uncommon Technique for this Aesthetic. Accustomed to fighting games, this is Nathanial’s favorite back up plan. Once activated, no effect is perceived until one person is incapacitated. At that point, all energy and life is returned to the two people involved, and they are placed back in the positions they were when the Technique was activated. However, this is not the power of infinite retries. It can only be triggered once per encounter. It is during the early stages of an encounter that the round number is set. Even if the user wins a battle, both ‘players’ are reset. This power is very dangerous to use for longer than two out of three, as the one thing it doesn’t repair, at least for Nathanial, are the Artist’s Costs for using it.
- This Technique has advanced variants like Best Three out of Five, Best Four out of Seven, and so forth.

Writing Aesthetics, Third Person Mode: A common Technique for this Aesthetic. A Grim Writer will switch to a style of control, often through Narrative, that will have different effects on their targets. Some Writers gain the ability to influence things from a different perspective, or a special place detached from the current location of their self.
- First Person Mode is more 'Defensive' as it allows the Artists more access to directly manipulate self. Second Person Mode is more 'Offensive' since it allows the Writer more access to directly control others. Third Person Mode is considered to be more 'Manipulative' as it is a neutral balance, and directly manipulates everything, but it's focused power is more diminished.
- For Nathanial, this Technique is used more like an illusion-type ability. Any targets, from then until the user is defeated, see themselves from outside of their body, as if in a Third-Person Game.

- Hates (Fears) dogs, bees and cats.
- Is best friends with wasps.
- Enjoys listening to other people’s problems and being helpful, though he expects the same.
- Is a compulsive liar but channels it into sarcasm instead because he hates lying.
- Likes bad puns and immature humor.
- Plays games a lot.
- Often ponders abstract scenarios, from getting into fist fights on busses, to if aliens invaded.
- Likes walking and imagining while doing so.
- Often stares out at a random point while thinking deeply. Produces hilarity when this point happens to be a person.
- Has almost no ability to keep track of time.
- Values his friends greatly.
- Eats too much and is only saved from a fatty fate by his great metabolism. Greaser and cheesier the better. Hold the veggies.
- Doesn’t yell, and never really cares enough. The rare times he does care enough, Nathanial is thinking of what he can say to hurt the other person most, which is almost never yelling.
- May or may not think Tina is cute.


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