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July 5, 2012
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Name: n/a
- Goes by Grey.

Age: 3000
- Has the crisp voice of a young man in his 20's.

Nationality: Other
- Just another piece of the mystery surrounding this Artist.

- His true physical appearance is an enigma to all around him, though at first glance he is a very, slim, lengthy fellow. He is never seen out of his long white hooded robe. He wears mechanical stilt like structures on his hands and feet that ghastly extend his reach and height. Also wears a inky black mask with a sharped tooth smile and a multitude of scattered eyes.

- Hails from a far off realm where time moves incredibly slower than most others. What has been 3000 outside of this space has only been 20 so years for Grey. It was here he secluded himself in a cave where he honed his creative talents to an advanced degree. It is questionable why he ever left and is now among the ever curious public.

- A quiet and introverted person, Grey prefers to keep to himself when possible. This however does not stop him from engaging in dialogue when necessary. Has a very curious mind which conflicts with his desire to stay socially unattached to those around him.

Grim Artist Class: Savant; much more powerful than a Dilettante. Can exhibit highly advanced Grim Techniques and has refined the basic and intermediate ones to the point where they can be used for more complex and potent moves, some of them experimental. Is outclassed by a Virtuoso Class Grim Artist and definitely no match for a Genius Class Grim Artist.

Grim Art Type:
- Blood Art. His physical existence will be jeopardized in exchange for his Art's own.

Grim Aesthetic/s:
- Drawing, Fashion and Prerogative. Grey is a highly skilled line-artist that deals solely with black ink based graphics and designs. Though highly capable of realism he favors the far more simple and free form types of designs, like cartoons and abstract. Fashion and Prerogative are meant to support his primary style of Grim Art, but their bonuses are undeniably valuable.

Grim Device/s:
- The finger tips of his mechanical extension arms are functional inking tools, equipped with highly advanced inking tips that allow him to dexterously apply the appropriate products directly on location. The arms themselves are wonderfully crafted Devices that are extremely durable. Even as a Fashion Accessory, they seem to be covered by his Prerogative, which renders them a part of his body.

As an Artist:
- The Line Art has been an outlet of expression for Grey since he started a long time ago. With very little desire for interaction, his Art served as a great way to occupy his solitude and pass the time. As such, he was able to excel very greatly in his craft. But now more-so than ever it seems to be the only link he can find that relates him to so many Grim Artists like himself. This has increased his pursuit of advancement in skill even further.

As a Grim Artist:
- It's easy to say his Art is nothing but black and white, but his combative prowess and abilities are not to be undermined. His quick-draw fighting style allows him to perform a barrage of attacks within a slim margin of time to rain an unmerciful assault in hopes of overwhelming his opponents, making him a grave threat from short, mid and long ranges.

Art Costs:
- Because Grey is a Blood Artist, his Grim Expenses are deducted from his Physical Self. In his case, his Art Costs are Blood Oriented.
- The tips on the ends of his mechanical fingers draw blood from his body to serve as ink. The line is drawn red, but almost instantly quick dries black. The more complex his linings are, the more blood is drawn from him. This way he can produce his own ink for attacks on the spot. Naturally, the longer he draws blood in combat the weaker and disoriented he becomes, causing him to attack more sparingly and resort to hand-to-hand combat.
- Needless to say, being a (literal) Blood Artist, his costs are easier to heal than Soul or Fate Artists, despite the reduced potency. Even simple Regeneration Candy can fully restore his circulatory system in seconds.

Favored Moves: Grey, being the one of the biggest enigmas so far in the Rosters, has demonstrated few moves that have been documented. But they usually have something to do with Line Art.

Drawing Aesthetics, Free Lines: A simple Technique that allows one to draw on any medium, like thin air. This ability goes by a different name for each Aesthetic. It's uncommon to find Artists who cannot naturally Draw, Write or Paint on any surface simply by exerting a little Prerogative. But there are cases that require the Artist to have to form or study a Technique in order to do so. Writers usually call their variant Indiscriminate Ink. Painters call their variant Unbound Color. Sketchers call their variant Free Lines.
- Grey prefers to call his Air Lining.

Drawing-Prerogative Aesthetics Collaboration, Razor's Edge: Upon slashing the space in front of him with his razor sharp ink pen fingertips, Grey leaves thin black lines via Air Lining, and after a split second thought, Grey can send them outward to cleanly slice at whatever they might cross through.
- Oddly enough, Grey can utilize his Air Lining to draw all manner of objects or beings, all of which he can summon into reality upon completion to wield or fight for him. Anything summoned through Air Lining is easily recognized as his doing, for they bear no color. Like most Line-Artists, his creations are colored simply (in Grey's case, he prefers white) with their respective black outlines.
- Conversely, he can opt to have his creations manifest SOLELY as Outlines. In this mode, they are even more capable of slicing through enemies. Because they are lines, it's very hard to destroy them, as there isn't much to hit. And even then, his lines are extra-durable, because instead of having to hold a lot 'body' together, his Prerogative can focus on strengthening a much tinier volume and area. Because his Prerogative is super-concentrated into the lines, they are infuriatingly-hard to nullify or break.

Drawing-Prerogative Aesthetics Collaboration, Line Reaper: An extremely Rare Technique. Can instantly dismantle or destroy matter by using his Air Lining to trace the outline of the target. Upon completion, the target loses its color, appearing as only black and white, and it loses any ability of movement. Sometimes, it can even fall under Grey's command. With a simple swipe of his arms, Grey can go as far as to snatch away the outline of the controlled object causing it to liquefy, crumble, fall apart, evaporate, or utterly disintegrate.
- This Technique requires the outline to be completed before the target moves from it's current position making it fairly difficult to use on moving targets. Failed attempts cause a tremendous drain in energy for the user.
- Note that this Technique depends on the sight, perspective and positioning of an Artist.
- Because this ability is dependent on sight, the further away the target is the smaller by perspective they become, which means their outline become easier to draw upon. This is where long-ranged attacks become child's play for Grey. The farther a target is, and the faster and easier they can be eliminated with this Technique. Of course, there's a distance where a target is too far away to manifest a visible outline. Past this range limit, one becomes safe from this ability.
- Because this ability is dependent on angle, an Artist can maneuver himself/herself, or force the target into a into a position where drawing on their outline becomes easier.
- Combining this Technique with a Quick Sketch can be devastating, as Grey can eliminate a multitude of targets in moments, but this reduces the Prerogative of the Technique. Still, while in rapid-fire mode, it might not be effective on other Artists, but destroying the Characters of an opponent, who are not counted as real Grim Artists, will be an easier task for Grey, and someone who relies on Characters alone will definitely have a hard time against him.

Drawing Aesthetics, Quick Sketch: A common method specific to this Aesthetic. It allows a Grim Artist to rapidly churn out a summon. Speed can range from seconds to near-instantly.
- Grey's arms are especially suited to this Technique, able to bend and twist in ways regular limbs can't, making his speed and style at Drawing truly a sight to behold.

- Is a discrete smoker, and can be caught doing so through his mask when he feels like he's not being watched.
- Ironically, Grey is color blind.


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Part of the character concept, namely the bio, was submitted by this guy: :iconbigocom:

Everything else, I own. Roster 01 in particular is entirely by me. :nod:
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