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July 27, 2012
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Name: n/a
- Goes by 'Epsilon Star'. Her true name is a mystery.

Age: 20

Nationality: European

- A short (although she wouldn’t admit it) and usually cheerful young woman with long brunette hair. Has blue eyes, obscured by a pair of oval glasses which she wears constantly. Usually sticks to a simple wardrobe, preferring clothes that are practical rather than fashionable.

- Epsilon is a pretty private person, and thus the details of her background remain quite obscure. When asked, she usually rambles about her life in a 'frozen tundra' and 'having to punch polar bears every time she wants to go outside; can’t they just leave her alone for God’s sake', and has quite a penchant for telling outlandish tales in order to avoid truly talking about herself. In actuality, Epsilon’s life as a whole has been relatively free from hardship, unlike the backgrounds she writes for her own characters, but if she gets to know someone, she’ll often regale them with a story or two of some crazy antics she’s gotten into, many while in company of Tina.

- Epsilon normally attempts to portray herself publicly as a confident and independent person.
- Having been forced to step out of her comfort zone in the past few years, she’s grown a little used to it, but it doesn’t stop her from becoming extremely nervous in new situations, around crowds, or initiating conversation.
- Around friends, Epsilon acts as a bit of a comic relief: loud, silly, and light-hearted. She loves making people laugh over anything else, although her terrible puns tend to make most groan rather than giggle.
- Despite her usually positive outlook on life, Epsilon tends to get caught in her own thoughts from time to time, over-thinking things and driving herself a bit crazy. She usually attempts to diffuse this in her art.
- Epsilon is always searching for new ways to intelligently engage with the world around her, and is often really passionate about the things that interest her. When someone chides her for this energy, she often quips, “Gosh, I’m sorry for being enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness.”
- Epsilon is a unique mix of practical and lofty — while many would say that she is rational and down-to-earth when dealing with real world situations, she has a wild imagination, building entire worlds in her head.
- Epsilon is extremely loyal to and protective of her friends, and would do anything to defend and comfort them. However, she’s initially distrustful of anyone new, and might seem snippy and to the point with those she’s not completely familiar with, but once she’s spent enough time with them, she’ll open up and be her true self.

Grim Artist Class: Savant; much more powerful than a Dilettante. Can exhibit highly advanced Grim Techniques and has refined the basic and intermediate ones to the point where they can be used for more complex and potent moves, some of them experimental. Is outclassed by a Virtuoso Class Grim Artist and definitely no match for a Genius Class Grim Artist.

Grim Art Type:
- Soul artist. Her art will inflict costs on her mental self.

Grim Aesthetics:
- Drawing, Writing, Painting, Renaissance, and Prerogative.

Grim Devices:
- Epsilon usually equips herself with her drawing tablet, becoming more and more comfortable as a digital artist, but still carries around a variety of pencils and ink pens to use whenever she fancies.

As an Artist:
Much of Epsilon’s art focuses on telling a story, whether it be a structured narrative or a simple illustration that the viewer can extrapolate from for themselves. She’s always trying to get what she’s formed in her head on paper — her art is simply a snapshot into the epics that she has built in her head — and enjoys bouncing her ideas off of other people and working collaboratively with her friends, like Tina. Outside of her visual creations, she dabbles in writing from time to time, and is an avid bookworm. Having been exposed to the fantasy worlds of books early in her lifetime, many of her works are beyond the scope of reality, enveloping worlds of magic and the future.

As a Grim Artist:
- Epsilon, despite often talking big, will usually never provoke a fight: she prides herself on rational actions that will lead to the best result for both parties involved. If forced into combat, Epsilon will often fight defensively and support her summons from behind, aware of her lack of physical strength. She’ll often attempt to end the fight as quickly as possible, and focuses more on agility rather than strength in her creations. If she’s fighting alone, she’ll strategize with her summons in order to exploit her opponent’s weaknesses.

Art Costs:
- Epsilon’s cost is her confidence. The more powers she uses, the less she’ll be able to maintain her composure, and subsequently her rationale and motivation. Eventually, she’ll emotionally breakdown and be unable to move.

Favored Moves: Epsilon is primarily a Summoner and long-ranged attacker. A number of her moves have been documented, but she truly shines when in a large group, for it is then that she can unleash both her potential and her allies, channeling a combined effort into a truly epic Technique, one that a single Artist alone cannot perform.

Drawing Aesthetics, Quick Sketch: A common method specific to this Aesthetic. It allows a Grim Artist to rapidly churn out a summon. Speed can range from seconds to near-instantly.

Quick Sketch, Elane Ibiid: Epsilon summons the anthropomorphic dragon-like Character, Elane Ibiid. Elane has a long history of heroics in her world, and thus is a versatile Summon. Elane relies on long-range magic abilities, supporting more direct Characters and allies from behind the fray.

Quick Sketch, Dieter: Epsilon summons Dieter, the part-stuffed bunny part-robot construct powered by magic. He hails from the same universe as Elane, and thus works well together with her. Dieter is a heavy-hitter, his bottom torso and legs being metal, and is a conservative fighter, unless those he cares about (Elane or Epsilon) are in grave danger: in which case, he becomes a juggernaut, putting himself in harm’s way to protect them. He also only speaks German, but he can understand simple English.

Quick Sketch, Lina Wilder: Epsilon summons the demon, Lina Wilder. A happy-go-lucky Character, Lina is a hand-to-hand combat fighter, and is extremely wild and unorganized, even when being led by Epsilon. Lina can also pull off some impressive combos with Apaco, one of Tina’s characters.

Quick Sketch, Essences of Arrkan: An extremely costly ability, Epsilon summons the essences of the gods and goddesses of Arrkan, the planet from which Elane hails. Together, they can combine to create a devastating blast against a target. If Elane is also present on the battlefield, the blast radius can increase without threat of damage to Epsilon or her allies. Unlike the previous summons, the Essences of Arrkan vanish immediately after their attack. If Elane is used to increase the blast radius, she also vanishes after their attack.
- These Characters become exponentially more powerful when summoned via Grand Array.

Quick Sketch, Ravagers: An ability only used in the direst of situations. Epsilon summons a horde of shadow creatures known only as 'Ravagers'. Extremely fast and violent monsters that can devastate a target, both physically and mentally. These creatures, however, require the utmost of concentration to control, lest they turn on Epsilon and her allies. Thus, it is only used when extremely necessary.
Drawing Aesthetics, Sketcher's Charge: A common Technique, similar to the Author's Charge. Temporarily fuses the Grim Artist with his or her Grim Device and dissolves both into a dark, glowing streak that rockets across a predetermined trajectory at jaw-dropping speeds before reforming at the destination. The path that the Artist took will create products of his or her Grim Art. For a Grim Sketcher the path he or she traveled through will form pictures or characters. Artists usually use this Technique to quickly move from one spot to another while still unleashing their art at the same time.
- During their time fused with their Device, the Artist thinks as fast as he or she moves.

Painting Aesthetics, Elemental Camaraderie: A common, almost-mandatory technique for Grim Painters. This technique brings together two or more ingredient colors into a special Collaboration. The Elements that they represent will also cooperate, always with spectacular results. This technique is different from Elemental Matrimony in that a perfect Fusion isn't achieved, wherein a new Element of the Artist's design is formed. Instead, the Elements used will work together, using equal or unequal ratios, to create whatever it is that the Painter desired. Sometimes they will share or overlap attributes, properties or functions, but they still won't truly Fuse into one. Again, the options are literally endless, as Grim Painters can have varying styles, preferences and suitabilities. The more specific or specialized moves that they unleash with this technique are easily subject to change at their whim. From Magma Tsunamis (usually a mix of Fire and Earth) to swarms of Spirit Phantoms (usually a mix of Life and Death) the Grim Painter's imagination is free to do as it pleases.
- Even though Painters can have different Color-Element pairings, not to mention different favorites and preferences, it is uncommon for any two Grim Painters to have a very similar set of moves. Fact is, they could always share among or copy from each other, as Elemental Fusions have no natural Copyright to them, but that in itself could be counter-productive. Painters have to explore their own Grim Palettes and figure out which Colors, Elements, and Fusions thereof, suit them best. For example, some Painters are more expert with the Element of Water. Others find it easier to wield the color Green, and so on. To recklessly borrow and utilize a move from someone else could be risky if the Painter is unfamiliar or otherwise unsuitable to wield it. Regardless, it is impossible to determine just what Painters can and will do with their Palettes; the options are practically limitless.
- While it is possible to summon Characters using Elemental Matrimony, the costs for the majority of Painters are much higher, although there are exceptions.
- As such, almost all Paint-based attacks that resemble Summoned Characters only look that way; they are without a will of their own and are fully dependent on (and controlled by) the Painter. They are simply attacks or defenses that look and behave like Summons, but in reality they stem directly from the Painter and lack any advanced sentience.
- Note: this Grim Technique only produces a specific move (or list of moves) of the Grim Painter's design, not a new Element. Those moves can be anything from direct attacks to random formations, and can branch out into special variations and/or upgraded versions.

Elemental Camaraderie, Incendiary Vines: A mix of Fire and Earth. This ability creates rapidly-growing vines that travel quickly along the ground until reaching a target. Upon getting close enough, the vines will wrap around their quarry, covering him/her/it from head to foot. Once covered, flowers on the vines will bloom, containing small bursts of fire that will then travel around the vine, consuming the hapless victim in a blaze.
- Epsilon prefers to use Dark Red for Fire and Forest Green for Earth with this technique.
- This ability only works if there is some way for the vines to grow, like soil.

Elemental Camaraderie, Shining Epsilon: A mix of Earth, Wind, and Fire. Many tiny globules of earth and fire ingredients are shot forth (using a surplus of wind to propel them), and explode upon impact, creating blooms of fire that quickly spread.
- Epsilon uses Pastel Green for Earth, Cadmium Red for Fire, and Pale Blue for Wind with this technique.

Elemental Camaraderie, Weather Spear: A mix of Wind and some other element. This ability creates crystalline formations of an element which can then be propelled at high speeds toward a target. Size and speed depend on the energy used to create the crystal.
- Epsilon uses Cool Gray for Wind with this technique. Other colors vary on the element used.

Drawing-Painting Aesthetics Collaboration, Renaissance Tokens: A cross between the non-Elemental Logos most Sketchers would use and the purely-Elemental Logos most painters wield. A Renaissance Token is a very common Technique, and it basically invokes a complex result through a simple means. Instead of having to draw a volcano in detail, one can use the symbol of a volcano to unleash a real one.

Renaissance Token, CARDIS: This token beholds the image of a crappy four-door sedan, but it isn’t any crappy four-door sedan. Using this token summons the (not so) legendary CARDIS…Car And Relative Dimension In Space (or so Lina claims). This vehicle is able to travel through time and space (though only at 88 mph), and is Lina’s vehicular weapon of choice. Thus, Epsilon only uses this token when she has summoned Lina; it’s basically like a power-up for her.

Renaissance Token, Sandstorm: This token beholds the image of a speckled whirlwind, and summons a sandstorm that engulfs the entire battlefield, impeding both her enemy and herself and allies, which is why she keeps a pair of goggles stored in her bag at all times.

Renaissance Token, MultiTool: This token is filled with the image of a seemingly simply pocket knife. Upon use, it creates a tool that can turn into anything that the user requires it. The tool vanishes after a certain period of time, which is determined by the amount of energy that is used to create the token.
- Joshua Dsiorpov is currently trying to hook Epsilon up with a Crafting Guild that will forge a tool like this for her.

Writing Aesthetics, Third Person: A common Technique for this Aesthetic. A Grim Writer will switch to a style of control, often through Narrative, that will have different effects on their targets. Some Writers gain the ability to influence things from a different perspective, or a special place detached from the current location of their self.
- When using this ability, Epsilon utilizes Normal-Type Mode, where she remains inside her body, but just writes in a different tense, able to affect everything around herself.

Drawing-Painting-Writing Aesthetics Collaboration, Grand Summoning Array: An uncommon Technique, due to the amount of coordination it takes to pull off. The Artist collaborates with one or more Grim Artists, all of them using multiple Techniques/Aesthetics at once, to create a special zone that acts as a Gate/Factory which calls forth an extremely powerful Creation. This Array in particular is almost always a spectacular thing to witness; rife with blazing clockworks of glowing designs, entire novels worth of text, and swirling Elemental essences. Once the Array is completed and activated, whatever or whoever is Summoned usually makes short work of any unprepared enemies.
- If Epsilon is the Presiding Artist, i.e. the focus of the Array and not part of the supporting members, Drawing is used to create whatever is being Summoned, Painting is used to flesh out the creation and provide elemental and material bonuses, and Writing further enhances it with all sorts of written boosts and bonuses. Normally, this also applies to the Grand Array, but can be prone to change if more Artists are involved other than Epsilon.
- The Summoned Creation may be a character specifically designed for the purpose of being a trump card, or a regular character upgraded to the point where its power, grandeur or scale dwarfs that of its original form.
- A Grand Summoning Array can also be used to call forth Characters that normally have reduced manifestations. Certain Characters, like Reality-Warpers and Titans, for example, are impossible to summon as 100% what they are in their Artist's imagination, within which they may exist as their Artist wills due to a complete lack of limits imposed by the Grim Renaissance. If an Artist wants to create Higher Beings of any sort (be they Cosmic, Divine or Beyond) within his/her/its Creative Domain, then it shall be so without any consequences or costs. Summoning such powerful characters into the Renaissance by oneself, with full factual accuracy, is another matter entirely. Often Artists have to make do with calling upon scaled-down versions of such creations. Reality-Warpers, for example, are limited to minor control and/or manipulations, and their actions may not always be permanent or imposable on certain targets. Cosmic Beings and Pantheons might only be able to create tiny versions of the usual celestial phenomenon, like a small, short-lived black hole to block an attack. With a Grand Summoning Array, the limits of one Artist are raised exponentially, and as a group can summon things closer to what the Artist presiding over the Grand Aarry had envisioned. A Thunder God unleashed by a Virtuoso, for example, might only manage to hurl several volleys of bolts before vanishing, but the same Character called out via Grand Array composed of 20 Virtuosos could blanket an entire continent with a tempest.
- Theoretically, given conditions are permitting of it, an Apprentice Class Artist could summon an omnipotent, absolute, invincible Character if enough allies gathered within a massive-enough Grand Array.
- Some Summons need a constantly-activated Array for remain summoned. Others can stay summoned even when the Array is gone. The Artist may or may not have direct control over their Character.
- When multiple Artists work together to unleash an even mightier Character, they can do so in many ways. Sometimes the Array is of their cumulative design. Sometimes, one Artist is in charge of the Array, and the others merely augment everything. Musicians, Landscapers, Dancers and Stage Effect Artists are particularly useful for this task.
- Grand Arrays, whether they be Grand Arrays of Summoning, Destruction, Control, and so forth, need not always be unleashed with Drawing, Painting and Writing. As long as there are multiple Artists using multiple Techniques towards the same cause/result, it counts as a Grand Array.
- It is possible to create Grand Arrays by oneself, but those are usually not as potent as the ones run by a well-oiled team.

- Epsilon keeps a variety of seemingly random objects in her bag including, but not limited to, DnD dice, USB drives, steampunk goggles, a deck of playing cards, and a video camera.
- Is pretty awesome-sauce-friends with Tina, and thus can usually be found in her company.
- Could sometimes be considered a walking encyclopedia on a limited number of topics.
- Often substitutes ridiculous things in place of swearing. Many of them involve cake (see: crumb cakes, crab cake, etc.).
- Huge literature buff.
- Enjoys gaming, when she can find the time.
- Is rather uncoordinated and will often run into things or trip over her own feet.
- Attempts to tolerate and respect everyone, but has a short patience for extremely antagonistic people ie. jerkfaces.
- Loves chocolate.
- Prefers mechanical pencils over normal, wooden ones.
- Is always aiming to experiment with her Art and develop her skills.


A Glance at the Renaissance: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
The Grim Aesthetics of Renaissance 'Forgewater': rafael-domination.deviantart.c…

Main Roster 01: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 02: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 03: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
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Main Roster 08: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 09: YOU ARE HERE
Main Roster 10: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
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Side Roster 01: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 02: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 03: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 04: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 05: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…

THE DEVIANT FEATURED IN THIS ROSTER IS: :iconstar-sapphire-light:

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