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August 30, 2012
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Dexter 'Twin Kronos' Kingsley
- There is a figure who prowls the Dionysus Sequoia Forests, a solemn nomad clad in faded gold with eyes of red, searching for a special kind of oasis and moving on when it has been depleted. The herd he must tend to is the glowing storm of what appears to be red dust wreathing him like a hellish tempest, letting loose a bolt of lightning every now and then. The pasture it must graze on is flesh, as fresh as possible. Namely, the flesh of daredevil Artists who venture into the land of immense purple and blue trees on the quest to gather pine-cones containing seeds that many Chefs would pay handsomely to obtain. Each one who falls to this stalwart hunter gives up not only their body, but their very place in Time. He is a devastating fighter, protected not only by his superb skill and abilities, but by the very lives that he has taken, and they are exceedingly numerous indeed.
- Dexter possess many powers and Techniques, but he prefers to manipulate the paint-stained chalk dust around him. He can use it as anything from a close-quarters tool to a mid-ranged weapon, lashing, strangling and whipping foes into oblivion; the chalk is semi-sentient and will devour the flesh of whoever is caught by so much as a few specks of it. Dexter can also form objects with the chalk, such as a wall to block attacks or a carpet to fly himself around; the dust storm is infused with multiple types of Prerogatives, ranging from Painting to Sculpture. If need be, he can activate the Elemental Paint lacing the chalk dust, and it is a mixture of Red and Orange, which in his Palette represent Fire and Time, allowing him to Fuse or Collaborate those Elements for whole lists of Techniques, each one reputed to cause widespread havoc in their wake. He can Write and Draw using the Chalk itself, adding yet another layer of dangerousness to him, because apparently it's not bad enough that he's an extremely talented fighter, therefore he should be capable of churning out an army and inflicting a variety of disabling effects onto an opponent at the same time. Also, as mentioned, Dexter can assimilate the 'Lives' of those who he kills into himself, effectively rendering him immortal and invulnerable until they are all spent.

Wilma 'Banshee Vase' Strikehard
- Prodigies are considered special in the Renaissance for a good reason. Great power and prestige are usually attained later on in life, and while one may retain youth for extended amounts of time, often permanently if you go to the right people or are born into the right Lineages, there is no question that most Artists must start at the bottom first and work their way up. Not so with a certain pair of twin sisters from the neighboring Renaissance. Willow and Wilma Strikehard are gifted children, and that has been glaringly obvious ever since their birth. Willow herself went on to become the reigning Legendary Class Artist of the Renaissance she hails from before she reached the age of 10, which has only happened three times ever. Wilma, on the other hand, was unable to join her sister in Rank due to her expensive Art Costs and weaker Prerogative. While Willow made out to be a benevolent and caring Artist, jealousy caused Wilma's heart to grow colder, her attitude brattier, and her restraint to take someone's life to vanish altogether. She is now a criminal who attacks without pattern, harvesting the life force and Prerogative of her victims and then disappearing without a trace. But while Dexter collects prey for his direct use, Wilma has been rumored to be doing so for a 'Superweapon' of sorts, one rumored to be capable of great calamity even within Grim Renaissances.
- Wilma is surprisingly agile for her age, and she has been known to dodge even point-blank attacks. That is, if opponents can make it to melee range, and to do that, they must get past the slaughterhouse of blade-like wings she can summon and control with a thought, seemingly without limit. She can manipulate almost everything about them, from their size to their weight, to even their chemical make-up and powers; she can even cause them to block indirect, non-physical powers like mind-control, conceptual effects, and paralysis. These projections are hardened by her Prerogative to the point where they are indestructible to anyone equal to and below her Class, and to make matters worse, even the lightest graze will allow Wilma to forcibly draw out the life-force, soul and Prerogative of those caught by this cruel and terrible Technique, which is only one among a myriad of others as monstrous as it.

Ivar 'Warhog Kaiser' Romagnoli
- Among the many Aesthetics of the Grim Renaissance, those who have practiced the Cooking Aesthetics, and for that matter Crafting, enjoy safety from all sorts of adversaries, especially if they have taken a Neutral stance concerning who they cater to. This is because Neutral Artists provide their services to the good, the bad, and other 'unbiased' factions like themselves. Often they will help a hero, and their very next client will be a villain. It is foolish for any one group to force a Neutral Artist into serving them only. Any attempt to do so is almost always met with overwhelming resistance, not just from the oppressed, but from villainous, heroic, and other neutral parties alike, all of which hold the integrity of their patron in high esteem. Ivar has long since abandoned his Romagnoli oath of neutrality. Now he serves no one but himself and a ruthless quest to create an empire of beasts, this mission having been caused by the demise of a beloved pet.
- Ivar's greatest asset is not his mammoth strength and constitution, nor his great Cooking and Crafting prowess, nor is it the set of stolen amulets hidden deep inside his armor that protect him from all sorts of attacks and abilities. That would be the stampede of mutated boars he commands through Taming Aesthetics, which in this particular Renaissance is the collaboration of the Theatre-Gaming-Prerogative Aesthetics, while in others it is a standalone Aesthetic. These ferocious animals have been known to flatten anything in their path. Ivar could even turn a mountain within the Renaissance into a meadow of gravel by ordering his boars to charge through it, tearing through and trampling the very bedrock to smithereens. As a testament to the durability of these creatures, Ivar lines his armor with their bones and teeth; very scarcely has he had to replace them, for rare indeed is an Artist who is capable of breaking a single one. Should that happen, the horns shatter with immense concussive force, usually vaporizing their attacker. If need be, Ivar can devour his own minions, albeit with some reluctance. Their bacon is capable of healing serious wounds, and with each boar he eats via Cooking Aesthetics, Ivar gains access to even more physical power, their leftovers as weapons, and their even dormant Techniques – for those Boars were once Grim Artists.

Madame Desdemona 'Celsius Lake' Rodin
- To modify one's body via Cosmetic Surgery Aesthetics isn't considered a big deal in the Grim Renaissance. It is considered as just another form of Art, one applied to flesh as opposed to a canvas. However, to mold it using Aesthetics not usually meant for one's physical form carries a great deal of risk and/or failure. Those who can pull that off using Self-Sculpt Techniques are scarce at best, and while scarce is still a sizable number when considering an entire Renaissance, finding one is no easy task. Jae MacGillebrath, who is among Professor Xiaofang's strongest agents, has long since been the envy of many Grim Sculptors, some of whom would kill to be compatible for such a Technique. One of them did just that. A certain Madame Desdemona murdered one of her nieces the moment she knew the girl would be able to Self-Sculpt, driven by jealousy and envy. And for a moment, she succeeded. But as she fashioned herself a second pair of arms with little Musette Rodin's stolen abilities, Desdemona came under attack. A young Renaissance Prefect on patrol, Jimmy Zeigratio, had secretly witnessed the atrocity. He bombarded Desdemona with a salvo of highly potent Techniques, keeping her preoccupied enough to apply one that revived Musette and purged her power from her heartless aunt, who immediately fled the scene, and until today seeks the fulfillment of her selfish wish.
- Madame Desdemona retains the extra pair of arms that she had Sculpted from her own body, doubling her already-formidable talent with the use of rapiers. But when swordplay fails, Desdemona employs a Technique that cemented her current title. She is a Part-Specialist, meaning she has decided to forgo learning many Aesthetics or Techniques in favor for fewer ones, albeit not to the extent of a True-Specialist. In exchange, the meager list of abilities she has are honed a lot more than what a Generalist normally could manage, since the latter must spread themselves thin over a wider field of study. Desdemona has focused on Painting and Sculpting, with some Combat and Prerogative on the side. She prefers drowning foes in floods of magma, generated from the terrain or transported from a Realm that she has access to. She freely controls the infernal deluge, even quickly molding and hardening it into a vast array of Sculptures, which while standard in their mobility, meaning they don't move very much, pack a lot of firepower.

Dexter and Wilma appear to want something from Professor Xiaofang, the manager of the Roster members. They are not working together for it; in fact, they seem to be competing for it. But if they get their hands on whatever it is they're looking for, it is certain that there can be no good that will come out of such an occurrence. And while the Professor can fend for herself, those who are on her team are not safe, especially if they were ever to be alone by themselves. Ivar and Madame Desdemona, on the other hand, don't particularly care about Professor Xiaofang. However, they do have their sights set on her agents. Desdemona in particular has marked Jae as a potential victim, and Ivar has expressed an interest in adding everyone on the Rosters to his herd of monstrous pigs.

As dangerous as these four are, they are but a few among many the Professor and her team must face from mission to mission.


A Glance at the Renaissance: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
The Grim Aesthetics of Renaissance 'Forgewater': rafael-domination.deviantart.c…

Main Roster 01: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 02: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 03: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 04: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 05: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 06: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 07: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 08: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 09: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 10: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 11: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 12: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 13: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Main Roster 14: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…

Side Roster 01: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 02: YOU ARE HERE
Side Roster 03: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 04: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
Side Roster 05: rafael-domination.deviantart.c…
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josh is more talented ivar,take him first.
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

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Lord-Naraku Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, I think the second one, the girl, Wilma, has got to be my favorite simply for the wicked looking wing-like things she has. The guy to her right, Ivar, is also pretty awesome looking.

Your work never ceases to amaze me bro! Keep it up!!!
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Believe it or not, she's actually the most 'wicked' among the four. Desdemona is ruled more by envy, Ivar by greed, and Dexter doesn't really give a hoot about anything. Wilma, on the other hand, is the Moriarty who takes pleasure in her calculated wrongdoings...
Lord-Naraku Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Competing? More like fighting for our lives. >___<

Lol, Ivar does have a fat-dark-lord feel to him. I'm sure you'll be his favorite meal as well. :D
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